Student Resources for Expressive Activity

Bowling Green State University is committed to creating a Community of Care on campus. Part of Bowling Green’s mission is to make sure students belong on campus. While the University supports the rights of students to engage in free speech and expressive events, we also recognize that some speech can rise to the level of prohibited harassment. Careful review of the Freedom of Expression Policy can assist in understanding the limits of expressive activity as well as the time, place and manner restrictions of which to be aware.

For students who want to engage on campus, below are additional important resources to help you when engaging in expressive events at BGSU. These resources include links to BGSU policies, offices on campus that may assist you in planning an event, and offices on campus that are here to support you when expressive events occur on campus.

Planning an Expressive Event

Student Related Policies

Support Resources

Updated: 05/17/2022 10:46AM