Frequently Asked Questions



For the latest information regarding important dates and deadlines, view BGSU’s academic calendars

Fall semester classes began Wednesday, Aug. 26. In-person classes will end on Wednesday, Nov. 25. The last week of classes will be Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2020, and will be conducted remotely. Final exam week will be Dec. 7-11, 2020, and will also be conducted remotely. In addition, to provide maximized flexibility, we have also canceled Winter Session in 2021.

Spring semester classes begin on Jan. 11, 2021.  We have decided to cancel Spring Break, but we will have four Wellness Days this spring semester where classes will not be held. The Wellness Days will be held on Friday, Feb. 12, Thursday, March 11, Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, April 14. The last day of classes is scheduled for April 23, with final exams occurring April 26-30, 2021.

Approximately 55 percent of our courses have an in-person component that allow students to interact with faculty and their peers in a safe, physically-distanced manner. We are committed to teaching these courses and have redesigned all of our classroom spaces – plus several other spaces not typically used for instruction – to ensure that as many students as possible will be able to take classes on campus. This new course structure is focused on flexibility. While classes are primarily in-person, they are also incorporate some online elements that allow us the physical flexibility to keep students safe. Find more information about the three course formats provided this fall

Labs, studios and other classes that use specialized rooms or equipment currently have an in-person component that allows students to get the hands-on experience needed to make progress toward their degree. Guidelines are in place to minimize risk, and these experiences are also supplemented with online work to ensure that all students get to participate.

BGSU’s Education Abroad office will be contacting program directors about the possibility of offering their 2021 Winter Session programs during 2021 Summer Session (May, June, or July) or during the 2022 Winter Session. As soon as information is available, all students who had plans for Winter 2021 will be notified.

At this point in time, (everything is subject to change), there are no changes to the professional year for teacher educators. The required hours will still be the same (minimum of 60 days in the field). The College of Education and Human Development is working closely with PK-12 school partners to make sure students are able to complete these experiences.

We are committed to serving students who are unable to attend classes on campus because of COVID-19, and are upgrading audio and video equipment in classrooms to allow students to participate remotely, if needed.

Out of an abundance of caution and to limit the potential travel and community spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel Spring Break, which was scheduled for March 22-26. However, we still believe our students, who work so hard, deserve scheduled breaks from their coursework. We are announcing four Wellness Days this spring semester where classes will not be held. On the dates below, we will also offer wellness programming for our community as well as opportunities for us to focus on our commitment to create public good.

Wellness Days during spring semester (no classes held)

  • Friday, Feb. 12
  • Thursday, March 11
  • Tuesday, March 30
  • Wednesday, April 14

Yes, we will continue to offer job and internship fairs, as well as other career-related events. Many of these events will be offered in a virtual format. Students can check their Handshake accounts for the most up-to-date event information.

The changes to the academic calendar will impact only the BGSU students at Mercy who are registered for non-nursing courses. All NURS courses at Mercy will follow the Mercy College academic calendar. All other BGSU courses will follow the updated academic calendar.

We expect no change in the availability of FWS funding for students with a FWS award this academic year – i.e., a student with a FWS award and a FWS-eligible on-campus job will begin earning FWS wages at the beginning of the academic year. This will continue until either the student employee’s FWS award is exhausted or the student employee ceases working in a FWS-eligible on-campus job, the student employee becomes otherwise ineligible, or at the end of the academic year, whichever comes first. Regarding the amount of hours, student employees are encouraged to discuss this question with their supervisor. As in pre-COVID times, this will depend on the needs of the department and the availability of the student.

Each graduate assistant (GA) is expected to work their appointment in the assigned contract period(s).  Within the fall semester,  the majority of GAs will work remotely November 30-December 11, 2020.  There may be some assignments, on or off campus, that require on-site duties despite a remote learning period.  Supervisors will inform the GA if there is an on-site requirement prior to the beginning of a remote learning period.   GAs may request confirmation of remote work from their program and/or supervisor via email prior to the beginning of the contract.

The majority of all graduate assistantships will have remote duties assigned to the GA November 30-December 11, 2020. GAs will be paid according to the dates of their contract per the Payroll Schedule. The GA and the supervisor should coordinate conversations prior to the remote work period outlining due dates, expectations and communication options for the remote work assignment(s). 

Contract periods, payroll schedules, GA Statement of Understanding and other resources are available on the Graduate Assistant and Tuition Scholarship Information web page.  If your previously accepted contract was originally to start on August 31, 2020, you will have begun your assistantship on Wednesday August 26, 2020. This correlates to the revised first day of classes for Fall 2020. 

Graduate students should express their need for alternative work assignment accommodations to their supervisor and graduate program coordinator as early as possible. Pro-active communication will permit students, supervisors and/or program to find alternative means of fulfilling GA duties.

New maximum occupancy numbers have been determined and are posted outside of classrooms and other public spaces across campus. In addition, physical distancing and directional floor decals and signage are in place to help maintain CDC-recommended physical distancing.

BGSU offers Academic Coaching through the Learning Commons to help students develop effective study habits, time management skills, and organizational strategies. Academic coaches provide general assistance to support students in their college careers. They can be that boost of confidence and support you need. For more information or to request a coach, refer to this link.  

Please use this survey link, which students receive weekly via BGSU email. 

Campus Experience

The University Libraries are open to students for the fall semester. The University Libraries homepage provides up-to-date building hours and services information. There may be some areas available by appointment only. For a full schedule of building and remote hours visit the Library hours page.

Study spaces and public computer use are available in Jerome Library. Study space capacities have changed and patrons will see spaces marked to encourage physical distancing. An update of study space availability can be found on the library services page.

Course reserves are not offered in any collection of University Libraries for Fall 2020. Access for Spring will be determined later in the year. To place DVDs/CDs in the stream service contact

The Student Recreation Center is open to all students, faculty/staff, and community members at this time. Facility capacity limits, equipment spacing that supports physical distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, good health practices, and additional policies are in force to provide the safest environment possible. Face coverings, properly fitting over both the nose and mouth, are required at all times including while exercising with the exception of while in the water swimming.

Listed below are links to learn more about various activities in which students can get involved:

FREE Virtual Gaming and In-Person Intramural Sports

In-person and virtual Group Exercise Classes

Wellness Connection

FREE Move4YourMood Movement Sessions: Instagram @BGSUFitness

Visit here for the most current information and to check the BGSU App for live facility counts before you head over.

Staff in the Division of Student Affairs and Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness are scheduling safe activities and experiences that recognize BGSU’s excellent reputation as a residential campus. Also, the Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion team on the Firelands campus is preparing safe programming for the academic year.  A list of planned activities can be found here.

Yes, all students are expected to adhere to all BGSU’s campus protocols. Students, as well as employees, sign the Falcon Commitment. For more information on expectations outlined in the Falcon Commitment, visit here.


New Fall 2020 Freshmen

Yes. If you choose not to enroll, please notify the BGSU Office of Admissions that you are not attending BGSU in the upcoming semester, but plan to enroll in January 2021. You will be required to apply for admissions for Spring 2021 by Dec. 15, 2020, to be eligible to have the scholarship reinstated. 

If you choose to attend another college or university for the fall semester, you will be required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of your fall term at the other college/university to receive the scholarship. This requirement will be confirmed when the official transcript is received. If you do not meet the GPA requirement, you will have the scholarship removed from your Student Financial Aid account.

If you attend another college or university, you will lose one semester of eligibility on the original scholarship. Typically scholarships are available for 8 semesters (4 academic years), but if you have enrolled at another college or university, you will receive the scholarship for 7 semesters (3 ½ years).

Please note: The University Freshmen Academic Scholarship is the only BGSU scholarship that may be deferred for one semester. Any other offers of scholarships made by BGSU are forfeited if you are unable to attend.

If you intend to enroll as a part-time student at another school, your scholarship will be canceled for the entire aid year, and you will need to appeal to receive your scholarship when you return to BGSU. To file your appeal, you will need to submit transcripts from the other school to document the successful completion of your courses.

No. You will no longer be eligible to receive the original scholarship offer after attending another college or university for two or more semesters. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities for BGSU transfer students, please review this scholarship website.

Yes. If you do not attend any college or university during the next academic year, you will remain eligible for the University Freshmen Academic Scholarship award.

The BG Success scholarship is available to both new freshmen and transfer students who have a 3.0 GPA or a 20 ACT/1020 SAT.  

These scholarships and grants are not eligible for deferment to another semester. If you are unable to attend BGSU this fall, these awards will be forfeited.

Please contact Dr. Per Broman at 419-372-2181 in the College of Musical Arts, or the School of Art Dean’s Office at 419-372-2786 for questions relating to these scholarship awards.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at 419-372-2478 or to speak with your Admissions counselor.

For Current BGSU Students

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships to inform the office of your intentions. You will need to submit a scholarship appeal prior to your return to BGSU. To file your appeal, you will need to submit transcripts from the other school to document the successful completion of your courses. The scholarship appeal form for the Fall 2021 semester will be available in mid-March 2021 on the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

NOTE: Enrolling as a full-time student at another school will subject you to the forfeiture of one semester of your BGSU scholarship eligibility for each semester you enroll elsewhere.

You may appeal your scholarship renewal by submitting an online appeal form available on the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

To renew your scholarship, you must have completed 30 credit hours by the end of the first year, 60 credit hours by the end of the second year and 90 credit hours by the end of the third year. Summer semester enrollment may be used to earn credits to meet the requirements. In your appeal, please explain how you plan to resolve any deficiencies.

NOTE: Your scholarship appeal may be approved at 80% of the original value.

You may appeal your scholarship renewal by submitting an online appeal form available at the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

To renew your scholarship, you must have earned a minimum cumulative BGSU GPA of 3.00. Summer semester enrollment may be used to raise your GPA to meet the requirements.

NOTE: Your scholarship appeal may be approved at 80% of the original value.

You may appeal to use your scholarship for less than full-time enrollment.

The appeal form can be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships website. Your scholarship may be reduced based on the number of credit hours for which you enroll. Using your scholarship at less than full-time enrollment will count as one full semester used toward your total eight semesters of eligibility. This option is only available for University Freshman Scholarships and the BG Success Scholarship.

No. If you find you do not meet the renewal criteria at the end of the academic year, you may then file a scholarship appeal. Please consult with your academic advisor about your credit hours or other concerns regarding your enrollment and how to maintain eligibility for your scholarship award.


Yes. All of us need to be vigilant in self-monitoring for symptoms. If you typically have common symptoms such as congestion related to allergies or infrequent headaches, take note of whether symptoms are different and follow up if they are beyond your normal baseline. An elevated temperature of concern is at or above 38 C or 100.4 F. Self-monitoring your temperature at home or with thermal scanners placed in buildings on campus should be a practice each day. 

BGSU has launched the #CampusClear app, which can be downloaded for free and used for daily health screenings.

If you are experiencing symptoms, stay home or at your residence hall room and contact your medical provider or Falcon Health Center to decide whether testing is appropriate. Your supervisor or department director should be notified that you are staying at home. The chief health officer and COVID-19 Response Team are also available to answer questions and provide guidance on next steps at or via the Hotline at 419-372-3000, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you are ill or showing symptoms, please call your physician or go the Falcon Health Center. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please call the COVID-19 hotline at 419-372-3000 to report your diagnosis. Additionally, we recommend you download the Campus Clear app. It is a daily self-screening app that sends a daily reminder to conduct a self-wellness check before coming to campus or leaving a residence hall. 

Testing continues to be an effective but scarce resource across our nation. BGSU will continue to be strategic in deploying our testing with students, faculty and staff. We have learned that having multiple options for testing is important as reagents, supplies and result wait times fluctuate. 

BGSU, in partnership with Wood County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health, is supporting Wood County Hospital in purchasing Thermo Fisher Real-Time PCR equipment that will greatly expand capacity for COVID-19 testing. In the upcoming weeks, this enhanced capacity will serve not only BGSU, but Bowling Green and other Northwest Ohio communities.

No. Students must pay and/or use their health insurance for their COVID-19 test unless they are selected for random surveillance testing, which is paid through BGSU.  

You can get a test at the Falcon Health Center, but you could also call urgent care, your health provider, or any other place you consider for testing. 

Surveillance testing, which is exploratory testing of asymptomatic individuals, was piloted with approximately 350 students and staff as they returned to campus and additional surveillance testing will take place and be reported weekly until further notice. This testing is randomized and not on a sign-up basis. If selected, you will be notified through BGSU email and/or text message to schedule a date and time, along with instructions for next steps. Testing is done at The Falcon Health Center. Upon arrival, you will enter the door facing Wooster Street and be administered a Nasal Swab Test. You do not have to isolate/quarantine if selected for surveillance testing unless you experience symptoms or test positive.

If selected, there is a strong expectation that students will help the COVID-19 Response Team in the testing process so that they can monitor the prevalence rate across campus, as outlined in the Falcon Commitment. However, selected students may request an exemption.  

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or those who may have been exposed to an individual who tested positive will follow CDC and local health department guidelines. If a student, faculty or staff member is notified that they have tested positive for COVID-19, they will be informed by the medical provider or entity who conducted the test and instructed to isolate. Individuals who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus will be notified to quarantine for 14 days.

Contacts of contacts do not need to isolate or quarantine unless they have symptoms; therefore, you do nothing unless you are experiencing symptoms.

Isolation separates people with COVID-19 from others who are not sick to minimize the spread of this contagious disease. Individuals testing positive must stay at home and remain off campus during the isolation period. Students living in residence halls who test positive will be moved to an off-campus apartment that BGSU has set aside as isolation space. Students will be monitored daily for their health and well-being, and meals will be delivered. Students will be able to continue their classes in a remote fashion. 

Individuals with symptoms may end isolation after a minimum of 10 days from when their symptoms started. They must be fever-free for 24 hours, and symptoms must be resolved. If an individual has no symptoms, but tests positive, they will isolate for 10 days from the date the test was taken. BGSU does not require repeated negative COVID-19 tests to return to campus, per CDC guidelines. An individual who learns they have tested positive should notify Human Resources, their supervisor/department director and the COVID-19 Response Team at or call the BGSU COVID-19 Response Hotline at 419-372-3000 to expedite contact tracing and arrangements for remote classes and work assignments.

While there is distinct guidance for isolation and quarantine, there are times when appropriate action is less certain because of the lag time in waiting for confirmation of a COVID-19 positive test. Anyone who is awaiting a test result because of symptoms or a potential exposure should isolate until the results are received.

Quarantine separates people who have had exposure to someone who is positive for COVID-19 from the general public. Close contact requiring quarantine is defined as being within six feet of someone who is potentially contagious with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more, direct physical contact with the person (e.g. hugged or kissed them), shared eating or drinking utensils, or they sneezed or coughed on you. The practice of maintaining six feet of distance and keeping interactions within six feet very brief will minimize your risk of being exposed and subsequently quarantined should you come in contact with someone who is unknowingly COVID-19 positive. While wearing a face covering is an important practice to slow the spread of the virus, it does not keep an individual from needing to quarantine if they are a close contact. Once notified to quarantine, students, faculty and staff must return home or to their residence hall room, and they may not return to campus or participate in interactions in person for 14 days from the time of their last exposure to the person with COVID-19.

Quarantined individuals should monitor closely for symptoms, and should symptoms develop, contact their medical provider or Falcon Health Center and they may be directed to get tested. A negative COVID-19 test will not shorten the quarantine period since symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. Students living in residence halls will be asked to quarantine in their room, or if they choose, return to their permanent residence for the 14 days. Students in residence halls will be monitored daily, meals will be delivered and classes will continue remotely. Students, faculty and staff living off campus will quarantine in their homes and will not be permitted on campus for the 14 days from exposure to the positive individual. Additional guidance about quarantine can be found on the CDC website or by asking the COVID-19 Response Team at or by calling the Hotline at 419-372-3000.

While there is distinct guidance for isolation and quarantine, there are times when appropriate action is less certain because of the lag time in waiting for confirmation of a COVID-19 positive test. Anyone who is awaiting a test result because of symptoms or a potential exposure should isolate until the results are received. While not strictly meeting quarantine protocols for contacts, these are times to be particularly cautious, strictly adhering to physical distancing, face coverings, washing hands, staying at home, working remotely or participating in class remotely until results are known. Consulting with the COVID-19 Response Team at, your supervisor or Human Resources can help with the next steps on a case-by-case basis.

Contact tracing is important in minimizing the spread of the virus and is the process of identifying individuals who may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The Wood County Health Department will be the primary agency responsible for conducting contact tracing for any individuals residing in Wood County. BGSU is working in partnership with the health department to support their efforts. 

When an individual tests positive, they will be asked by the health department or the COVID-19 Response Team about who they have been in close proximity to (within six feet for greater than 15 minutes) from when isolation began back to 48 hours prior to symptoms starting. If an individual is asymptomatic, they will be asked about contacts back to 48 hours before their positive test was taken. Contact tracing minimizes the continued spread of the virus and underscores the importance of maintaining six feet of distance. Monitoring for symptoms and contacting a medical provider should symptoms develop is important during isolation and quarantine.

BGSU’s dining facilities have implemented one-way entrance and exit traffic flows and include plexiglass dividers for tight spaces. Selective removal of tables and chairs, along with installation of new, physically distant seating is designed to provide for CDC recommended distancing. Plexiglass barriers at designated tables offer additional protection for small groups.

The Oaks and Carillon Place have transitioned to a full-service model at each station instead of self-service. Multiple sanitizer stands are positioned in high traffic areas and plexi health shield barriers are utilized at all registers and points of service. Dining service associates will monitor the number of guests to ensure maximum occupancy guidelines are followed. Every associate will receive a wellness check daily to include self-reported illnesses and a contactless temperature check. All associates will be provided with facial coverings that must be worn at all times during their shift. As always, our personnel are required to wash hands, but will now do so along with changing gloves every 30 minutes, or less, in addition to strict task-specific standards. Upon closing for the day, each team will thoroughly disinfect the entire facility.

In addition to the university’s standard cleaning practices, a team of highly trained Campus Operations personnel rotate through buildings to perform “enhanced cleaning.” 

With the health and safety of our campus community in mind, students, employees and visitors are required to wear a face covering in all indoor public and shared environments. In the absence of the ability to maintain physical distance, face coverings are required in outdoor spaces as well. Learn more about what is expected on campus

Please call the COVID-19 Hotline at 419-372-3000. The COVID-19 Response Hotline is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If the situation occurs after hours, you can contact Bowling Green City Police at 419-352-2571.  

Call the COVID-19 Hotline at 419-372-3000.  

Gatherings at a household or family residence should be limited to close friends/family. These gatherings are recommended to be 10 visitors or fewer. The use of masks and physical distancing is always encouraged. Use takeout or outdoor dining. Use indoor dining only when strict physical distancing (6 feet) can be maintained.

That is a personal choice, but if you travel to a state that requires quarantining, you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon your return. Refer to this map.

Telemental health appointments are available through the BGSU Counseling Center. Students interested in beginning services can call for an initial consultation during their Call-In Hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday. You will receive links via email that will enable you to complete consent forms and initial questionnaires. Once these are done, you will be contacted via teleconference by the next available call-in counselor. You should call from a private space and start the process only when you have free time to complete it – it can take some time to complete initial paperwork, and there may be a wait for the counselor, depending on call-in “traffic” that day. The Falcon Health Center also offers counseling help, which would be billed through personal insurance. More information about services, the call-in process, and psychoeducational and self-help resources.

BGSU’s Counseling Center has an on-call counselor available for crisis situations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. To speak to them, call the Center at 419-372-2081. For crisis situations after hours and on weekends, call the Wood County Crisis Line at 419-502-HOPE.


International Programs and Partnerships is currently reviewing the recently published guidance by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) regarding international students engaging in remote learning for fall 2020 due to COVID19. As soon as International Programs and Partnerships receives clarification on the topic they will update faculty and students.

More information about returning from international travel please read the After Travel Precautions and the CDC Travelers FAQ.

International students arriving from abroad who will live off-campus should plan to quarantine for at least 14 days BEFORE the first day of class.

International students who will live in one of the residence halls on campus should plan to quarantine for at least 14 days BEFORE move-in day. 

At this point the University is not offering a place to quarantine. If there are any changes, we will inform you.


The challenges and uncertainty for delivering course content remain in this COVID-19 environment.  The University is providing academic courses through a variety of formats, including hybrid, remote and online.  Since unanticipated circumstances at any time could affect the ability to deliver course content in a particular manner, the University reserves the right to modify the delivery method for course content for the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.  Irrespective of the delivery format, the University’s competitive tuition and course fee structure shall remain the same for academic courses, consistent with published University tuition and fee schedules.  There will be no refund or reduction on tuition or course fees, since the University will be providing a full semester of instruction and awarding full academic credit to those who satisfactorily fulfill course requirements.

As a result of the fall academic calendar changing to an earlier start date and concluding with remote learning after Thanksgiving break, BGSU provided a 10% discount on student housing and meal plans for the Fall 2020 semester.

No, there is not a prorated fee for parking or other services. Housing and Dining are the only fees that are reduced to offset the days students are not living on campus.

Residence Life

At the beginning of the 2020 Fall Semester, we had 3,704 students living on the Bowling Green campus. This number is approximately 62 percent of normal density. Of the students living on campus, 75 percent are in single occupant rooms, with the remaining 25 percent of students confirming that they wished to remain with a requested roommate and function as a family unit should the need to quarantine arise. Please note, this meets CDC guidelines regarding occupancy in residence halls.

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times and hand sanitizer stations will be installed in high-traffic areas. Standing six feet apart does not excuse the requirement of wearing a mask. 
  • After a student has moved in, only the student and their roommate/suitemates will be permitted inside their assigned room.
  • Students will only have access to their assigned residence hall. Guests and visitors (including other BGSU residents living in different buildings) will not be permitted inside the building at any time. You can find further details listed under the Guests & Visitation Policy section of Residence Life Reopening Plan.
  • Single point of entry and exits will help to maintain one-way traffic and physical distancing in every building.
  • Additional signage and notices will remind individuals to maintain physical distance.
  • Only one resident (and their roommate) will be permitted to ride in the elevator at a time. 
  • Plexiglass barriers will be in place at all front desks.
  • New building operations will be in place to reduce population density in the kitchen, laundry rooms, lounges, residence hall computer labs and in the lobbies. You can find further details listed under the Building Operations section of the Residence Life Reopening Plan. 
  • Increased cleaning procedures will be implemented in all of the residence halls. Please read through these details listed under the Health & Safety section of the Residence Life Reopening Plan. 
  • Fans will be permitted in a student's bedroom but the door to the hallway must be closed while in use.

We expect to have 3,872 students living on the Bowling Green campus this fall semester. This number is approximately 65 percent of normal density. Of the students living on campus, 75 percent are in single occupant rooms, with the remaining 25 percent of students confirming that they wished to remain with a requested roommate and function as a family unit should the need to quarantine arise. Please note that this meets CDC guidelines regarding occupancy in residence halls.

If BGSU closes its residence halls early for the fall semester due to COVID-19, the institution will work to determine a fair and equitable credit/refund for impacted students.

Yes. You will be able to leave your items in your room, if you are planning to return to campus for Spring 2021.

Yes. We do not have this process updated yet but we will have a process available for students to request to stay on campus. Since a student’s fall housing charge was discounted to not include these weeks, there will be an additional charge to stay during this time.

Dining Services

Yes, on a case by case basis. Every student's refund will be based on the type of meal plan purchased, how much has already been used and the date the refund is requested.

If you want to make an adjustment to your spring meal plan, you can process this online through 5 p.m. on Feb. 19, 2021. For fall meal plan changes or to receive specific information about a refund, please contact BGSU Dining at or 419-372-7933.

Your meal plan can be used at any BGSU Dining location on BGSU’s campus. For a full list of our locations visit the BGSU Dining website. Starship, mobile ordering and pick-up are also available to those with or without meal plans. 

Due to COVID-19 health and safety reasons, temporary changes may need to be made throughout the academic year. This could cause adjusted hours of operation or a temporary closing of a dining option. These changes will be listed on our COVID Response web page.

Our menu options are always changing at the Oaks and Carillon Place! You can find the most up to date menu on our website. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, text to 216-868-4424 for the fastest response. 

Registered dietitian Paige Wagner is the best person to contact. She can help craft a personalized plan for each and every student. Feel free to contact her at or 419-372-0548.

Yes, Forhan’s Café, located in the Maurer Center, provides a wide variety of Starbucks options as well as expanded breakfast, lunch and grab and go options. 

Yes, Starship Robots will continue to operate across campus and in the community. Learn more about our Starship Robots. 


You can automatically find the required textbooks for your courses by going to the MyBGSU Textbooks page. Click on "View Booklist" and then select a semester.

The textbook website lets you compare prices on books to get the best deal. As we get closer to the beginning of classes, options become more limited and prices can increase. Instructors are adding course materials all of the time so check back if it says your course is awaiting information from the instructor.

BGSU does not have a physical bookstore on or off campus. All purchases/book rentals are done online. The textbook website gathers pricing from many retailers to help you search for the best price. The final transaction for the items you add to your cart takes place on the retailer’s website(s). All refunds, returns and questions about your purchase are subject to the seller’s terms and conditions, so you should go through them.

We suggest that students buy textbooks with enough time for the book to arrive before classes start. Many students choose to wait until they see the syllabus or wait until the first class meeting before buying books. That method is less effective this year because students could use reserves from the library while waiting for the item to arrive, and that is not as solid of an option this year.

The library does not have physical reserves this year. However, BG has taken some steps to help students. The library has purchased several ebooks for popular BGSU courses. Professors were notified about the purchase and should have shared that knowledge with their students. BGSU is also in the process of scanning high-use reserve items to provide for students. The loan will be limited, like checking out a physical reserve, and uses an electronic delivery method. BGSU will reach out to professors to let them know that their book is available before classes start. BGSU has also moved a limited number of library-owned reserve materials to the stacks in the Jerome Library for a shorter loan. Check what’s in the stacks.  If the book isn’t available through one of these methods, students may also use OhioLINK to request books from other Ohio libraries. They should start looking now, as many students use this service and books can go fast.

Students Living On Campus - Use your campus address when ordering course materials.

Students Living Off-Campus - You can have packages sent to your off campus address or have them sent to campus for pick up. If you want to pick up packages on campus, use the following for the ‘ship to’ address:

Student Name
Student’s BGSU Email Address
441 Woodland Circle
Bowling Green, OH 43403

You will receive an email from the Package Center when the books arrive.

  • During the first four weeks of classes - Pick up packages in Room 228 of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.
  • After the first four weeks of classes - Pick up packages in the Package Center located in Falcon Outfitters.

Please email, which allows a student to “return to sender” or leave a forwarding address for the textbooks. Debra Huff, shipping and receiving manager, will talk through options. 

Faculty & Staff

Recommend that your student go to the Falcon Health Center or their primary care physician. While the student is feeling ill, they should stay home from class. Advise your student if they get tested for COVID-19 to please call the COVID Hotline at 419-372-3000 or contact the COVID-19 Response Team via email at

Notify the BGSU COVID-19 Response Team, led by Chief Health Officer Ben Batey, MPH, RN, at immediately so they can follow up with the individual to ensure they isolate or quarantine for the appropriate amount of time. You should not tell your class if a student tests positive.

Notify the BGSU COVID-19 Response Team, led by Chief Health Officer Ben Batey, MPH, RN, at immediately so proper precautions can be taken.

No. If proper physical distancing (6 feet) and face coverings were worn, class can continue in person.

There will be no verification provided to instructors. Due to confidentiality, the COVID-19 Response Team is asking instructors to take the student’s word on their absence. 

Notify the BGSU COVID-19 Response Team led by Chief Health Officer Ben Batey, MPH, RN, at so proper precautions can be taken.

In addition to consulting with your medical provider, you are required to notify the BGSU COVID-19 Response Team led by Chief Health Officer Ben Batey, MPH, RN, at so proper precautions can be taken.

In addition to consulting with your medical provider, you are required to notify the BGSU COVID-19 Response Team led by Chief Health Officer Ben Batey, MPH, RN, at so proper precautions can be taken.

BGSU’s Counseling Center has an on-call counselor who is available to consult with you about your observations, ways to support a student, and resources available to them. Just call 419-372-2081 and ask to speak with the on-call counselor. Telemental health appointments are standard during the pandemic. 


Admissions Visits

Visiting campus is often an important part of the college search process — and we know the ongoing pandemic has not made that easy. At BGSU, we’re listening to what our students need, while also being mindful of physical distancing and safety measures for both our Admissions staff and visitors. With this in mind, we’re pleased to offer small and personalized in-person visits on our beautiful campus in Bowling Green, Ohio. These opportunities are limited, and we ask that you reach out to your personal Admissions counselor to start a conversation about a reservation. We’re also continually developing and adapting our virtual offerings and resources to meet the needs of our students and plan to keep virtual options available throughout the fall. As always, we’re here for you at 419-372-2478 and, and we would love to connect when you’re ready.

BGSU hopes to continue to offer some form of socially safe in-person visits, but will update these opportunities as we get closer to those dates and evaluate what we can provide safely and responsibly in accordance with the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health.

BGSU is open to visitors; however, visitors are asked to abide by the same safety measures as students, faculty and staff to slow the spread of COVID-19.