Tony Drockton ('88, '96)

Tony Drockton 2Tony Drockton is the founder and chief cheerleader of Hammitt, America's fastest-growing handbag brand. After an upbringing rooted in Midwestern values and the power of connection, Drockton jump-started his career with an MBA from BGSU. 

His bold sense of vision and entrepreneurial spirit led him to Southern California, where he successfully manned multiple ventures in the worlds of finance, housing and construction. While his businesses boomed, he longed for a new challenge that celebrated expression and interpersonal relationships. It was then that Drockton took the reins at Hammitt, with a vision for building an American luxury brand inspired by European tenets of craftsmanship and lifelong quality.

In Drockton’s 15 years as Hammitt’s chairman and chief cheerleader, he’s become known for his signature balance of analytical decision-making, deeply personal relationships and showstopping joy. Drockton translates his own radiance into a supportive leadership style, as well as philanthropy and a career as a media personality. 

He has been featured by Women’s Wear Daily, Business of Fashion, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and He has spoken alongside tech and fashion’s most influential leaders at National Retail Federation and sits on the board of New York’s famed Accessories Council, as well as the board of Buying Time.

Drockton passionately uplifts emerging leaders in his community, both through angel investments and mentorship programs for students. Above all, he prioritizes family time, both at home and at Hammitt headquarters.

Updated: 04/14/2023 06:55PM