Start your road to entrepreneurship this summer.

A new Virtual Incubator in the Paul J. Hooker Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is ready to assist current BGSU students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

What’s your idea?

Whether you have a new innovative idea, are working on an idea and ready to prove the concept or are ready to find early stage funding and take the idea to market, let us help you.

Collab Lab 8401

Here’s how it works.

Once accepted into the virtual incubator program, you will start your journey. You decide your time frame: 1 session a week or several sessions in a day.

Session 1 - Ideation. Defining the problem. Creating the solution and value proposition. Determine who’s the customer.

Session 2 - Design the prototype and product testing and feedback with customers

Session 3 - Create product story, branding, marketing and social platforms plans

Session 4 - Business modeling and legal aspects of running a business

Session 5 - Funding (bootstrap, FFF, early stage investment, crowd funding)

Session 6 - Prepare start-up structure

Session 7 - Go to market strategy and scaling

Session 8 - Launch

What is a Virtual Incubator

A virtual incubator is an online service that provides mentoring, education and training for students who have ideas about viable ventures.

At BGSU - take your idea from concept to market

The Paul J. Hooker Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is ready to open its Summer 2020 Virtual Incubator. We will help you take your idea from concept to market, or any step along the way. The application process is open to any BGSU student—undergraduate, master’s or doctoral—from any college or major.

If accepted, you will begin a journey that will include:

  • Individualized curriculum designed for your idea’s success
  • Weekly check-ins with your VI advisor to keep you on track
  • A mentor and specialized mentors to assist you
  • Access to resources (human and technical)
  • Introductions to potential investors and/or partners

The program’s goal is to help you learn about the challenges of starting a business and to provide to you support and guidance on your journey. Many ideas are early stage, and many don’t go beyond graduation. No problem. If you have a good idea, are willing to work hard and have fun then we invite you to apply.

Updated: 06/23/2020 03:43PM