Thomas (Tom) Embrescia ('68 )

Thomas (Tom) EmbresciaAfter receiving his BS in Advertising in 1968 from Bowling Green State University, Thomas J. (Tom) Embrescia embarked on what would become a 35-year career in the broadcasting industry. Tom has owned and managed over 50 radio and television properties around the country, including Cleveland, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and St. Louis. Tom is currently the Operating Partner for Capital Partners LLC in Cleveland, OH.

Another of Tom’s companies, Second Generation Television, built and owned WUPW TV, the Fox Television affiliate in Toledo, WTVK-TV 6, the WB affiliate in Fort Myers-Naples, Florida; and KFXA, the FOX affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tom owns the largest billboards in Ohio and is also a partner in Media One Group and the Owner of Butler Broadcasting. One of Tom’s other ventures is Employ Media, a Cleveland, Ohio company, which he hopes will revolutionize employment services via a newly-created Internet domain designation “.job” which Employ Media will license.

In addition to broadcasting activities, Tom was a successful partner in Radio Direct Response, a .com marketer representing such companies as

Mr. Embrescia is a former member of the Alumni Association Board and has been involved with the Greater Cleveland Boy Scouts and United Torch.

Published: 2011

Updated: 05/02/2019 10:27AM