Michael Wilcox, '87

Michael WilcoxMr. Wilcox founded a successful financial services business in Toledo, Ohio, that has steadily grown through several market cycles to include a list of clients throughout the world. He recently launched a new sports management business, Wilcox Sports Management, to solidify a fractured market, immediately becoming the leading provider to that market segment. This company includes a “who’s who” list of coaches and leaders in college and professional sports.

In addition Wilcox has applied his entrepreneurial skills to important community and national organizations such as Bowling Green State University, American Football Coaches Foundation, Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Toledo Hospital Foundation, and The Culver Educational Foundation. Currently he serves as chairman and director of The U.S. Lacrosse Foundation and was the 2008 GMAC Bowl Champions of Life Award recipient.

Published: 2009

Updated: 05/01/2019 11:43AM