Michael Hoskins, '77

Michael HoskinsMr. Hoskins has successfully started and contributed to several software companies. Beginning in the 1980’s Hoskins formed SaudiSoft, a leading software company in the Middle East. After selling this company, he moved back to the States to form Data Junction Company in Austin, Texas. This company was acquired by Pervasive Software in 2003. Currently, Mike serves as a director as well as Chief Technology Officer and evangelists for Pervasive.

In 2007, Hoskins was named Information Technologist of the Year by the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Austin chapter for his leadership in the development of Pervasive’s DataRush™. He is an industry visionary in the field of data management and integration, traveling worldwide to educate and guide teams in the evolution of their data software products and services. In addition, he has given of his time and resources to support two of his alma maters, Bowling Green State University and Armidal School (Australia). In his honor, this past winter the Armidal School named their new theatre the Michael Hoskins Creative Arts Centre.

Published: 2009

Updated: 05/02/2019 10:13AM