Damon Ragusa ‘89

Damon Ragusa, a data scientist, management consultant, corporate executive, startup investor and unintentional entrepreneur, has spent more than three decades developing technology-enabled companies, teams, products and services.

As founder or founding member of five businesses at the intersection of software and data science, Ragusa has served broad industries with an emphasis on health care, education and business strategy. For more than two decades, under Ragusa’s leadership, his businesses have developed technologies or capabilities for 30 of the current Fortune 50 companies.

With the goal to focus more intentionally on the healthcare industry, Ragusa now holds the chief data and technology officer role at PatientPoint. PatientPoint is a healthcare education, media and technology company with products in nearly 40,000 clinics and hospitals reaching 130,000+ healthcare providers and 750 million annual patient visits. He leads a team of more than 150 people working to prepare the company’s technology and data analytics infrastructure to drive the next five to 10 years of product innovation.

Ragusa’s natural state is in conceptualizing, innovating and leading. Having developed his first neural network in 1989, he subsequently spent decades researching methods to train computers to accomplish tasks that challenge humans. His current research interests are on using artificial neural networks to conduct early-stage drug discovery.

Ragusa earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from BGSU. He also served on the BGSU Foundation Board from May 2018-2021.

Updated: 04/14/2023 03:39PM