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A Community of Care requires campus-wide responsibility for acting on situations that can have significant impact on individuals and the campus community. As a public university for the public good, Bowling Green State University prioritizes community well-being and belonging to ensure that Falcons do not struggle alone.

Download our handout for information on topics, behaviors and situations to be aware of and what action(s) you can take.  

Alcohol and Substance Misuse and Abuse

The negative implications of alcohol and drug misuse or abuse can impact an individual’s health and decision-making, relationships, academic performance and future goals. Contributing factors to alcohol and drug use include stress, a belief that all students are engaging in those behaviors and a lack of accurate information about alcohol and drugs, as well as misinformation about the consequences of their use.

Diversity and Inclusion

BGSU is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming campus community. However, there are times when the actions and/or behaviors of some members of our campus community impact others negatively. Bias incidents— discriminatory and/or harassing actions that target or harm individuals—directly impact the ability to know, trust, support and learn from one another. We must respond to these incidents with resources and support for those targeted, as well as educational and consequential actions for those who engage in such conduct.

hazing prevention

Hazing Prevention and Education

BGSU seeks to promote a safe environment so members of our learning community may participate in experiences and activities without compromising their health, well-being, dignity and/or rights. Hazing can cause irreparable harm to victims, victims’ families and the University community. BGSU has zero tolerance for any form of hazing.

Mental Health and Well-being

Those in distress may sometimes turn to you for support, advice and referral to other sources of help. You might also observe students who appear to be having difficulties and wonder how you might be able to support them or find that others come to you expressing concerns about a student.

Physical Health and Wellness

The Office of Health and Wellness is committed to supporting healthy lifestyle behaviors through programs which incorporate all aspects of wellness. The Falcon Health Center, a collaborative facility between BGSU and Wood County Hospital, offers preventative and illness-related health services provided by a medical staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and a team of supportive colleagues. Keeping up-to-date with BGSU COVID-19 resources and protocols will help keep both you and our campuses safe and healthy.

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Title IX prohibits all forms of sex harassment and crimes of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking (as defined by the Clery Act) and BGSU reaffirms its commitment to build a welcoming, safe, and diverse environment.

What you can do

  • Educate yourself about how to assist individuals in distress
  • Learn about campus resources
  • Speak with the individual privately and use specific examples of what you are observing to let them know you are concerned about their well-being
  • Do not promise confidentiality concerning situations that require mandatory reporting
  • Share your concerns with others who can help
  • Take threats seriously
  • When in doubt, contact the Office of the Dean of Students 419-372-2843 and/or BGSU Police Department 419-372-2346

Report an Incident or Concern

The most important thing to remember is, if you see or know something that does not feel quite right, say something so that appropriate University personnel can assist. There are many options available to share information:

  • When immediate action is required because someone’s health, safety and/or property is at-risk, call 9-1-1.
  • When there are non-emergencies that require law enforcement intervention, BGSU Police can be reached by calling 419-372-2346.
  • When there is a student concern that is not an emergency, call the Office of the Dean of Students during business hours at 419-372-2843.
  • Submitting a written report through See It. Hear It. Report It.

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