Course Offerings


A Full Year's or Semester's Credit

You don't have to lose any time toward graduation! The program guarantees a full year's or semester's academic credit. This means at least 15 credit hours for one semester, or 30 credit hours for the academic year. You should meet with an advisor on your home campus soon to plan your program carefully so that you can stay on track, meet degree requirements, and avoid duplication of course work. 
You may also take an online course or do an independent study project of up to three semester hours under
a professor at your home institution.

Program Courses

Program courses are taught specifically for undergraduates in the BGSU program by instructors who are sensitive to the challenges students face when learning a variety of subjects in German for the first time. Graduate assistants who are studying for a master's degree in the BGSU study abroad program provide additional help in small-group tutorials.
In addition to German language and literature classes, we offer courses in a variety of subjects, such as art history, education (on demand), geography, music, and political science.

Most of your instruction in the German language will be in courses in the University of Salzburg 's Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) program, where you will learn German with other international students.

With the advice and approval of the director, you may enroll in regular University of Salzburg courses in addition to the program courses.

The University of Salzburg

The Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg is named after its founder, a Prince Archbishop of Salzburg. About 18,000 students study 
at Salzburg, about 15% of whom are international students from 90 countries.
 The university offers 110 majors, including a variety of bachelor’s and M.A. programs.

There is no centralized campus; instead, the university is spread throughout the city. The dormitories are run not by the university, but by various social organizations. They are also dispersed in various parts of the town.

U of Salzburg courses taught in English