Internship Programs


Students with sufficient German proficiency have the opportunity to complete an internship during the semester break in February or, in some cases, during the spring term (March-June). Internships give you the opportunity to gain experience in the German-language job market, which can improve your career prospects. Our internships also count as a course. You can receive up to 3 credit hours upon completion of the internship, depending upon the number of hours worked.

The following organizations have offered internships to our students in recent years:

  • ORF (Austrian Public Television) - assistant (2), 4-5 weeks in Feb.
  • Fachhochschule (higher ed.) - teaching Assistant, organizational assistant (2), flexible summer term (March-June) 

  • Caritas Verein (social Service) - social work assistant (1), shifts or 4-5 weeks in Feb. 

  • Senior citizen support - senior care assistant (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb. 

  • Emco, Inc. (manufacturing) - translator, secretarial (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb. 

  • Salzburger Nachrichten (newspaper) (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb.

  • Erhard Nonntal Kindergarten - English teacher to kindergarteners (1), summer term

  • Akademisches Gymnasium - language assistant for secondary school (2), summer term

Note: We continue to look for new internship opportunities. Please let us know early, if you are interested in a specific internship. Placement will be arranged after your arrival in Salzburg.