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A Note on Faculty

Not only can you receive support from our faculty in Bowling Green, but we also have a number of knowledgeable Faculty at the University of Salzburg to help you with all of your academic and research needs.

Faculty in German at BGSU

Kristie A. Foell, Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley. 20th-century literature, film, music, international studies.  (foell@bgsu.edu)

Christina Guenther, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Holocaust studies, contemporary German/ Austrian literary and cultural studies, foreign language pedagogy, theater.  (cguenth@bgsu.edu)

Geoffrey C. Howes, Ph.D., University of Michigan. Austrian literature and culture, twentieth-century literature, German studies. (ghowes@bgsu.edu)

Edgar Landgraf, Ph.D. -- Johns Hopkins University. 18th & 19th-century literature, literary theory; anthropological, philosophical, and sociological approaches to literary criticism. (elandgr@bgsu.edu)

Theodore Rippey, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Modern literature, cinema, Bertolt Brecht, culture of the Weimar Republic and the National Socialist period. Currently, Associate Dean in Arts and Sciences. (theodor@bgsu.edu)

AYA Austria faculty members, AY 2015-16

Fritz Baier, M.A., College of Education, Salzburg, internship director, Geography.

Johann Baumgartner, M.A., Department of German, University of Salzburg. Pedagogy, German Grammar and Composition (Mittelstufe II)

Irene Fussl, Ph.D., Literaturarchiv Salzburg, German and Austrian Music

Edgar Landgraf, Ph.D., AYA Salzburg Director 2015-16. Intro to Grad Studies. 20th Century Literature; Crime Literature

Ute Januschka, Ausbildungsstätte St. Josef, Salzburg, Geography

Helga Mitterhumer, Ph.D., Deutsch-Studio Salzburg. Contemporary Austria; Perfect German

Manfred Mittermayer, Ph.D., Department of German, University of Salzburg, Assistant director

Wilfried Schaber, Ph.D., History of Art

Hanna Wallinger, Ph.D., American Studies, University of Salzburg, academic director

Mario Wintersteiger, Ph.D., University of Salzburg. European Politics; 20th Century History

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