Film Internships

Established more than 25 years ago, the film major at Bowling Green State University is today one of the most comprehensive in the country. With state-of-the-art equipment, extensive production opportunities and nationally recognized faculty, the film major helps emerging filmmakers and future film studies experts develop the skills and understanding necessary to make valuable contributions to film culture.

In addition to developing knowledge about location film production, film majors can gain valuable experience in scene design, set construction, lighting design, stage management,and acting and directing for film. Through participation in the campus productions, students in film gain insight into the complexities of the industry, screenwriters develop a good understanding of dramatic structure, film producers get concrete experience in production and film directors acquire skill in collaborating with actors and other members of the crew.

Film majors supplement classroom experience with service-learning opportunities on and off campus. Some students choose to assist with films shown each semester at the Gish Film Theater. Some film majors secure internship positions at WBGU, the local PBS affiliate. Other students work off campus with local production companies, national film archives and regional film festivals.

Film Internship

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Film Studio Experience or Independent Study

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