Casting Statement/Audition Info

The BGSU Department of Theatre and Film is committed to the practice of color-conscious casting. We recognize that considerations of race, including how race and ethnicity shape society and the stories we tell, are vital components to the casting process. Also critical to the casting process are audience perceptions of race on stage and in film. We strive to craft performances in ways that respect, care for, and honor individuals, cultures, and communities of color. Furthermore, we recognize that the practice of white-washing erases culturally and racially specific stories and experiences. White-washing takes away opportunities from people of color and reinforces the dangerous notion of white superiority. Therefore, we reject this practice. In light of this, we seek to be inclusive and color-conscious not only in our casting but also in the scripts we choose to stage and film.

There is always more to learn and more to do. As members of this community, we prioritize our continuous education, reflection, and action.

The above statement has been crafted by students and faculty and informed by the lived experiences and voices of those who are engaged in current conversations surrounding representation and casting.

Below are links to some of the voices who have contributed (and continue to contribute) to this discourse:

“Color-Conscious Casting: Three Questions to Ask” by Lavina Jadhwani

“Whats and Whys of Whitewashing” by Andrea Merodeadora

“Hampshire College’s Notes on Race and Casting” by Will Macadams

“Standing Up for Playwrights and Against ‘Colorblind’ Casting” by Diep Tran

“On Casting ‘In the Heights’ by Quiara AlegrÍa Hudes (and Lin-Manuel Miranda)

“Conscious Casting and Letting Playwrights Lead” by David Valdes Greenwood

“A Message from TAPS Chair, Dr. Patricia Ybarra”

“Authenticity in casting: From ‘colorblind’ to ‘color conscious,’ new rules are anything but black and white” by Jessica Gelt

Audition Notice and Sign-Up

Audition Notice:

Tragedy: A Tragedy, by Will Eno

Directed by Lesa Lockford

Audition Dates, Times, and Location:
Monday January 18th and Tuesday January 19th 5:30 to 9:00 pm on Zoom (link will be emailed to you). Callbacks will be Wednesday January 20th, 5:30 to 9:00 pm.

The Department of Theatre and Film is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. As such, we encourage performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and ages, as well as d/Deaf, to attend every audition. Auditions are open to all BGSU students and other interested individuals.

To performers with disabilities, you are encouraged to audition. Please indicate if you need special services, assistance, or appropriate modifications to fully participate in this event by contacting Accessibility Services,, Theatre and Film, 419-372-8495. Please notify us prior to the event.

Preparation Materials/Requirements:
Follow the link provided here to sign up for your audition slot:

If all posted audition slots fill, more will be added.

Follow this link to complete your Audition Form:

Prepare one of the speeches found here:

While it is a good idea to have the speech memorized, that is not required. Although you should endeavor to make clear and strong choices. I also recommend that you read the play. Copies of the play are available for check out from Sandie Smetzer at the reception desk in the Theatre and Film Department office, 2nd floor Wolfe Center for the Arts.

Introductory summary of the play:
The sun has set over streets of houses, government buildings and American backyards everywhere. The world is dark. A news team is on the scene. Their report: someone left the lawn sprinklers on; someone’s horse is loose; a seashell is lying in the grass; dogs run by. The Governor issues excited statements appealing for calm. It is night-time in the world. Everyone’s afraid. Everyone doesn’t know if the sun, once down, will ever rise again. But there is a witness, and the witness will speak.

The setting is a live television broadcast. Each character is at the place described in their name, except Michael/Micheala who is at various locations, and the Witness who periodically appears with John in the Field.

Roles Available:
John in the Field (he/him/his; any race/ethnicity), newscaster in the field, he is earnest, a seeker of answers to the questions of the moment and to the existential dilemmas he finds himself in; he tells it like he sees it.

Frank in the Studio (he/him/his; any race/ethnicity), professional anchorman for a local news station. He tries to keep it going and keep it together. Thinks well on his feet. Constance as the Home (she/her/hers; any race/ethnicity), newscaster in the field; she is given to wax poetical in an effort to capture what she sees and assign it meaning.

Michael (or) Micheala, Legal Advisor (he/him/his or she/her/hers depending on casting), has built his or her life and identity and view of the world around a legal understanding of things, a recognition of order and formality and the confidence that there are words that will capture what something is.

The Witness (all pronouns possible), innocent and also self-sufficient; when he speaks he says what’s true.

Gender pronouns describe characters. Non-binary/GNC actors are encouraged to audition.

Content Notice: All characters except the Witness experience some form of anxiety or panic. There is some cursing.

Rehearsals: Tragedy: a Tragedy will begin rehearsal on Sunday, January 24th. Rehearsals typically will be held Sunday through Friday, 6:30-10:30 p.m. While some conflicts can be negotiated if noted at the time of audition, rehearsal attendance is mandatory. The only exception is if you have not been called.  Expect to be available for the full weekend and additional weekday hours the week before opening.

Production dates are scheduled for two live streamed performances, Friday, March 5th and Saturday, March 6th, 2021.

Treehouse Troupe continues to recruit students for upcoming productions. The 2020-21 season is TBA.  Please contact Cynthia Stroud at regarding Treehouse Troupe productions.