Felix Bangert

Felix Bangert


Description of Work

Pema - 2022 - Animation - Not For Sale

Artist's Statement

‘Pema’ is a 2D Animation about growing up and accepting changes in your life. It expresses the idea that change isn’t something that ruins our lives, it merely redirects them in unforeseen ways.

The story follows a boy on his journey to find his lost childhood home as well as his mother. Along the way, he selflessly aids other creatures in their own struggles. In the end, he finds that his old life is gone and he must reconcile with his reality catching up to him. I made a fake language for the dialogue and text within the piece to make the world feel more fantastical. The subtitles provided for said dialogue are meant to mimic those found in many foreign animated films that have inspired the style of the piece.

With this project, I aimed to tell a story where a selfless character doesn’t get what they want or even deserve in the end. I find it infinitely more realistic that good deeds don’t equate to good luck in life. Additionally, I feel that a perfect ending with a reunion between the boy and his mother would directly ignore the reality that many children without parents face. That being said, I didn’t want my piece to end in tragedy. The ending is hopeful and the main character learns to find family in the ones closest to him. Life is unpredictable and often tragic, but we go on living anyways.

Link to Artist's Website: https://www.fewebomb.com/

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