Benevolent Prayer: Prayer for Spouse/Partner

How is benevolent prayer for spouse/partner measured via questionnaires in research studies?

  • Partner Focused Prayer Measure
    • I pray for the well being of my romantic partner.
    • I pray that good things will happen for my partner.
    • I ask God to watch over my partner.
    • I pray for my partner to reach his/her goals.
      • Questions answered on a 5-point scale ranging from "Never" to "Very Frequently" - Coefficient alpha = .96.
        • Source: Fincham, F. D., Lambert, N. M., & Beach, S. R. H. (2010). Faith and unfaithfulness: Can praying for your partner reduce infidelity? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 99, 649-659).


A way to think about the prayer findings is in terms of protective and risk factors (top two are protective and bottom 2 are risk factors).

BOTTOM LINE: Greater benevolent prayer for a partner has been associated with...

  • Greater relationship satisfaction
    • Self-report and Experimental
  • Greater commitment
    • Observed and Experimental
  • Greater forgiveness of partner
    • Self-report, Partner Report, Observed, and Experimental
  • Decreased use of alcohol
    • Self-report
  • Decreased sexual infidelity, in thought or action, over time
    • Self-report and Experimental
  • More cooperative behavior towards partner
    • Observed and Experimental

For more information on prayer for partners visit Frank Fincham's website