Noteworthy Features of the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Bowling Green

What Distinguishes Bowling Green's Graduate Program?

  • A history of innovation in the development of programs in applied philosophy
  • A faculty with extra-philosophical interests and backgrounds, e.g., economics, political science, law, business, medicine, the environment, religion, the arts, biology, and cognitive sciences
  • A willingness to encourage students to pursue cross-disciplinary interests (More below)
  • A large concentration of faculty with specialization in moral and political philosophy
  • An atmosphere of collegiality that encourages dialogue among faculty and students
  • An established program of annual workshops or conferences and a lively colloquium series.
  • The possibility of internships which encourage first-hand investigation of the real-life situations that engender philosophical discussion

Cross-Disciplinary Studies

The department encourages graduate students to undertake cross-disciplinary studies whenever courses in other departments and programs bear on their research. The Department has curricular ties of one kind or another to several departments and cross-disciplinary programs.

A variety of topics in applied ethics can better be understood if the theoretical approaches and empirical results of other disciplines are taken into account. Students working in environmental ethics might benefit from studying related issues in courses in environmental policy, for example. Students in medical ethics might want to take courses in public health. Courses in Women's Studies are relevant to work in many areas of moral philosophy.

Research in philosophy of biology can benefit from relevant course work in the biological sciences. Students doing research in aesthetics might benefit from taking courses in music and American Culture Studies. Students studying issues in feminism should consider enrolling in related courses in Women's Studies.

The Director of Graduate Studies and interested faculty will assist students to design appropriate curricula.


Updated: 06/19/2019 03:17PM