Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador Program


The Student Ambassador Program consists of exemplary students who represent the School at formal and informal recruiting events. As students who are majoring or minoring in communication at Bowling Green State University, they are well positioned to tell prospective students about Communication’s curriculum, courses, activities, and organizations.


  • Represent the School as a Student Ambassador at recruitment events, such as Bowling Green State University’s Preview Day and the School’s Media and Communication Day. Each Student Ambassador will be required to participate in a minimum of  2 official recruitment activities each academic year.
  •  Meet with prospective students who are interested in Communication
  •  Attend one Student Ambassador meeting at the beginning of the academic year           

Membership Benefits:

  • Make a difference! Student Ambassadors will play an important role in recruiting students to the School.
  • Student recognition and visibility: Student Ambassadors will be recognized at the Awards ceremony in March or April. In addition, their names will be listed on the Department of Communication’s website.
  • Enhanced resumes! Members are encouraged to add their involvement in the Student Ambassador Program on their resumes. Moreover, Student Ambassadors will get special opportunities to cultivate their interpersonal and professional communication skills at recruitment events.
  • Flexible time commitment: Student Ambassadors are not required to attend all recruitment events.
  • No membership fee!

Membership Enrollment:

  • Each year, the Communication programs faculty will recommend students to the Student Ambassador Program’s advisor. The advisor will arrange all of the recommendations into a single list. The faculty will review the compiled list of names and ensure that each student meets the following criteria:
  1. Student Ambassadors must be pursuing a BA, BAC, or minor in Communication at Bowling Green State University.
  2. Student Ambassadors typically have completed at least 9 hours of Communication courses.
  3. Once the list is finalized, the program’s advisor will invite each candidate to join the Student Ambassadors Program. Student Ambassadors must be willing to fulfill their membership responsibilities (see above). Students who agree to serve as Student Ambassadors will need to attend one orientation meeting.

2015 Student Ambassadors

Lorelei Young, Valerie Skorupski, Emily Helm, Kailee McAfee, Riley Lane, Courtney Gies, Ladonne Wilson, Brittney Moffatt, Emily Skorupski, Nadia Oehler, Lindsay Garwood, Molly Williams


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