Engagement & Outreach

Students are encouraged to be involved in their local, regional, and global communities. Through innovative curricular and co-curricular communication programs, students learn how competent communication can help address a variety of local and global issues. For example, students are engaged in service learning projects that examine the role of communication in addressing discrimination, environmental issues, and health concerns.

Here are a few examples of most recent innovative curricular and co-curricular communication programs:

Students also attend research forums where researchers from our own university and visiting scholars explore how communication can help build stronger communities, both locally and globally.

Study abroad programs include the International Media Seminar in Paris and the Communication and Culture field courses in locations such as Florence, Italy lead by faculty who share with students the vast global educational experience they have obtained through Fulbright research and teaching awards and other prestigious federal grant programs.

Updated: 04/20/2020 04:44PM