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BGSU Mathematics & Statistics: Graduate Programs

Students FAQ

Available Programs

  • Q. What graduate programs and degrees are offered?
    • A. We offer both master's and Ph.D. degree programs: MS – Applied statistics MA – with concentrations in: Pure math Applied math Statistics MAT – Master of Arts in Teaching PhD – Mathematics PhD – Statistics
  • Q. What are the criteria for admission to your master's programs?
    • A.Completion of a bachelor's degree and 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Q. What are the criteria for admission to your Ph.D. program?
    • A.Completion of a master's degree and 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale

How to Apply

  • Q. How do I apply to your Graduate Program?
    • A. Submit the on-line application Submit all required application documents listed below
  • Q. What is your application deadline?
    • A. Applicants seeking assistantship and scholarship funding should complete their application by January 31
  • Q. Can I apply directly to the Ph.D.?
    • A. Applicants finishing a master's degree can apply to the PhD program Applicants with only a bachelor's degree must apply to a master's degree program
  • Q. Can I start my studies in the second semester?
    • A. We encourage students to start during the summer or fall sessions. Many courses are two-semester sequence (fall & spring). Course availability for spring is limited without the required fall coursework
  • Q. What application materials are required?
    • A. On-line application form Statement of Purpose Two sets of Official Transcripts from each institution attended Three original signed letters of recommendation Official GRE Score Report Official TOEFL Score Report (international students only)
  • Q. Where do I send my application materials?
    • A. All application materials are to be mailed directly to the department address as follows: Department of Mathematics & Statistics Graduate Secretary 454 Math Science Building Bowling Green, OH 43403
  • Q. Can you still process my application if I am missing required documents?
    • A. No
  • Q. How can I check the status of my application?
    • A. Application updates are sent via email to all applicants twice each month from November through March

Testing Requirements

  • Q. What is the minimum Grade Point Average required for admission?
    • A. Master's = 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale Ph.D. =3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Q. Do you require the GRE?
    • A. Yes. Applicants are required to take the GRE general test. The subject test in mathematics is optional
  • Q. Can I substitute GMAT scores for GRE scores?
    • A. No
  • Q. Are Official GRE Score reports required?
    • A. Yes. However please include a photocopy with your mailed application materials
  • Q. What is the minimum GRE score required for admission?
    • A. The selection process considers all components of the application package, including application information, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, academic record, and test scores. We do not have a minimum requirement for the GRE.
  • Q. Do you require the TOEFL?
    • A. Yes.
  • Q. Are Official TOEFL Score reports required?
    • A.Yes. However please include a photocopy with your mailed application materials
  • Q. What is the minimum TOEFL score required for admission?
    • A. The minimum score for master's degree applicants is 550 (PBT) or 80 (IBT) The minimum score for Ph.D. degree applicants is 600 (PBT) or 100 (IBT)
  • Q. What are the institution codes for GRE and TOEFL scores?
    • A. GRE: Institution Code: 1069 Department Code: 0703
    • A. TOEFL: Institution Code: 1069 Department Code: 72


  • Q. How long does the application evaluation take?
    • A. Four weeks after all materials are received
  • Q. How will I be notified of a decision on my application?
    • A. You will be notified by the department via email as soon as the Admissions Team returns the admission recommendation. A formal letter of admission with the Dean's signature is sent via email approximately one week later
  • Q. What should I do if I need to defer my application/admission?
    • A. If you have been recommended for admission you are allowed to defer your admission once for up to one academic year. Submit your request to the Graduate Secretary via email. Include your full name, and the academic term and year to which you wish to defer (i.e. Spring 2012, Summer 2012, etc.)

Financial Information and Funding

  • Q. Is financial aid available?
    • A. The Department of Mathematics & Statistics funds approximately 60 teaching assistantship positions, with approximately 20 new openings each year
  • Q. What is a teaching assistantship?
    • A. Most students receiving a teaching assistantship teach either one 5-credit hour course, or two 3-credit hour courses. Courses are coordinated by a senior faculty member
  • Q. How do I apply for an assistantship?
    • A. You apply for an assistantship on the admission application
  • Q. When do assistantships start?
    • A. Assistantships are for fall & spring semesters. We also offer a summer fellowship program for new students to learn valuable teaching tools prior to starting their teaching assistantship, and summer funding for continuing students

About Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University

  • Q. Where can I get information about tuition?
    • A. Office of the Bursar's website
  • Q. How big is the University?
    • A. Approximately 18,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students
  • Q. How do I schedule a campus visit?
    • A. Contact Tong Sun, Graduate Coordinator, via email at
  • Q. Where can I get information about living costs at Bowling Green?
    • A. Visit the Bowling Green Ohio official website
  • Q. How big is the city of Bowling Green?
    • A. Approximately 30,000 full-time residents