Departmental Mediator

Kit Chan

415 MSC, 419-372-7468

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics earnestly wants the courses that you are taking this semester to provide a rewarding educational experience. If this expectation is not being realized, however, then try to discuss your concerns with your instructor first, and if this approach fails to produce a mutually satisfactory resolution or if you feel otherwise uncomfortable about talking directly with your instructor, then you are encouraged to meet with Kit Chan, the Departmental Mediator, who will review your concerns and make appropriate recommendations as a neutral party.  If you claim to represent the concerns of any students other than yourself, then the mediator should receive a telephone message or something in writing from them even if their statements are anonymous.

To maintain consistency in accordance with federal and state statutes, requests for academic adjustments or other accommodations on the basis of documented or undocumented disabilities should be referred through the Office of Accessibility Services (telephone (419) 372-8495), which can provide the department with appropriate recommendations and assistance.

Since the departmental mediator serves as a professional, non-threatening means for informally addressing student concerns, the mediator can provide important assistance or suggest useful alternatives as students try to understand ``the system.'' For example, mediators can serve as student advocates if anyone feels that they are being unfairly accused of academic dishonesty, or a mediator can monitor an appeal process for fairness. More often the mediator's role simply becomes a matter of communication, and students seeking mediation should be aware that such communication is a two-way street. In either case, the mediator's effectiveness ultimately depends upon timing and truthfulness.

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:47PM