Career Information

Career Information

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree will prepare you for a career in a number of different fields. The skills you acquire from a liberal studies education are easily transferred to a number of different industries. Having a broad range of knowledge will make you a versatile employee!

Bachelor of Liberal Studies alumni have secured careers as a Motivational Speaker, Occupational Therapist, Journalist, Realtor, President of a Financial Institution, Director of After School Programs for Disadvantaged Youth, Marketing and Public Outreach Coordinator, and Director of Collegiate Athletic Booster just to name a few!

BGSU Career Center

Students are encouraged to begin preparation for a profession soon after their initial matriculation. The BGSU Career Center staff are happy to consult with BLS students concerning strategies about career path or graduate school decision, resume and cover letter reviews, and interview skills improvement. Furthermore, webinars are offered on topics such as networking, salary negotiations, job search strategies, and utilizing social media in your job search.

Updated: 10/18/2023 04:00PM