Careers Pursued by Graduates

The wide array of careers pursued by our departmental graduates illustrates the versatility of a history major with a BGSU degree:

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Attorney specializing in employment law

Attorney/Judge – retired

Engineering Logistics Technician @ Marathon Special Products

Research Analyst w/ U.S. Government

Librarian w/ Lucas County

Diplomatic Historian @ the Foreign Affairs College/Department of Diplomacy

Assistant Director @ the Center for Archival Collections

Protestant Minister w/ United Methodist Church

Computer Science Analyst w/ Department of Defense

Sales rep. @ Kiemle-Hankins Co.

Clinical psychologist

Research Historian @ North Carolina Div. Of Archives and History

Assistant Manager-District w/ Social Security Administration

Vice President, Congressional Affairs w/ AT&T

Copy editor w/ Daily Courier

Post Master @ McClure Post Office

Armed Forces

Environmental Scientist w/ Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Librarian w/ Findlay City Schools

President of the Institute of European Studies

Archivist w/ South Dakota Historical Society

Editor, retired

Investigator/special agent w/ Nevada Gaming Board

Systems Analyst w/ Michael & Associates ( Sylvania , OH )

Ohio Department of Transportation

State Senator, State of Ohio

Attorney w/ U.S. House of Representatives

Director, Tennessee Civil War Museum

Director, Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Sales Marketing Manager w/ The Andersons

Fort Meigs State Memorial

Revenue Officer w/ Internal Revenue Service

Insurance Agent w/ State Farm Insurance

Archivist w/ Hancock Historical Museum

Librarian w/ Toledo Public Schools

Senior Vice President w/ Huntington Bank (BG)

Museum Director w/ Paris Island

Director, Center for Archival Collections/BGSU

Program Manager, Kentucky Historical Society

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