Undergraduate Program


We “do history” at BGSU every day with active learning in the classroom, faculty led education abroad programs, internships, research, and engagement in and with the community.

The Department of History at BGSU in fall 2020 launched a new, forward looking undergraduate curriculum. While the core of historical study continues to involve primary sources, critical interpretation, and connecting the past to the present, the new curriculum embraces best practices in the teaching of history and the training of historians for a wide range of career paths.

History majors and minors take courses that provide professional development and expand the breadth and diversity of their historical knowledge. They then select courses based on individual thematic interests that span multiple regions and periods.

Our courses cover a variety of regions (Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe), periods (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary), and topics (culture, health, international relations, underrepresented groups). Our training provides you with the foundation for fruitful careers in a diversity of areas in business, government, law, museums, schools and universities.

A significant part of the history major is the commitment of the faculty to effective teaching at all course levels. They are professional historians with specializations in a wide range of topics, periods and regions. This direct access to faculty, both inside and outside the classroom, is of great importance in securing opportunities to develop research experiences and internships.

We offer a History minor to complement the training in other majors. Our minor emphasizes breadth and flexibility. You choose up to three introductory courses and four (or more) junior- and senior-level courses on your areas of interest.

How will you "do" History?

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