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Ohio History Day 2023

Region 1 Ohio History Day Competition at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BGSU) on Saturday, March 11, 2023.

History day engages students in creative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary learning about history. Each year, students choose a topic that interests them and connect its relevance to an annual theme. They conduct primary and secondary source research and prepare a project that showcases and interprets their findings. 

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Registration Opens: November 28, 2022 Registration Closes: February 25, 2023  

Recent Guest Lectures  

The Gary R. Hess Lecture is an annual lecture hosted by the History department.

Read more here in a featured article from our student newspaper, the BG News!

The American War in Vietnam, 50 years later presented by Dr. William Allison

BGSU Alum '95 and Georgia Southern University professor Dr. Bill Allison speaks at his "Contested Memories" lecture at the Annual Gary R. Hess Lecture in September 2022. (Left to right: Dr. Gary R. Hess, Dr. Bill Allison, Dr. Benjamin Greene), Photo courtesy of Dr. Amílcar Challú.
BGSU Alum Dr. Dan Vandersommers from the University of Dayton gave a guest lecture in October 2022 in Dr. Amílcar Challú's graduate-level Environmental History course. Read more on our department twitter page!

Upcoming Teacher's Workshop Events

Histories of Disease, Health, and Medicine: A Professional Development Workshop for Middle and High School Social Studies Teachers

5 Contact Hours at Bowling Green State University on February 11, 2023 from 9am-3pm.

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Upcoming Guest Lecture Events

Black History Month Lecture by Dr. Terrance Wooten of University of California, Santa Barbara, on February 9, 2023. Click on the image for the link to more info on the event!
Women's History Month Lecture by Dr. Shirley Green, of BGSU and UT, on March 28, 2023. She will be speaking about women on the police force, with a focus on Toledo. Click on the image for the link to more information about this event!

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