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2017 Women's History Month Research Symposium!


March 31, 2017 in 308 Bowen-Thompson Student Union

Please plan to attend out WGSS Research Symposium and Keynote on March 31st, 2017. We will have student presentations, award winning essays, and Roopika Risam as our keynote. You can find the event poster here.

WGSS Event Schedule

9:00-10:30am Research Presentations - Gender, Media, and Feminist Performances (314 BTSU)

  • “’Woman Inherits the Earth’: Deconstructing Jurassic Park as an Early Text in Third-Wave Feminism,” by Graeme J. Wilson, Media and Communication (G)
  • “A Different Kind of Dame: Queering Bloody Mary (and Others) in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific,” by Dennis Sloan, Theatre and Film (G)
  • “Media Erotics and Adaptation: A Comparative Textual Analysis of Carmilla,” by Rebecca Wait, Communication Major (UG)
  • “(Re-)Framing Harriet Tubman: Mediated Rhetorical Performance and its Consequences,” by Jonathan Brownlee, Rhetoric and Writing (G) 

10:30-12:00pm Research Presentations - Performing Identities (314 BTSU)

  • “One in Three,” by Morgan Gale, Graphic Design Major (UG)
  • “ISIS: Gendered Violence, Erasure of Memory/Identity, and the Power of Narrative,” by Bincy Abdul Samad, American Culture Studies (G)
  • “Doing Queer and Disrupting the Hetero-Academy: An Installation,” by Jacqueline Adams, American Culture Studies (G)
  • “Feminism + Christianity,” by Rebecca Hammonds, Theatre Studies (G) 

1:00pm Dessert Reception (308 BTSU)

1:15pm Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Essay Winners Presentation (308 BTSU)

1:45 pm WGSS Feminist Falcon Awards/Research Award Winners (308 BTSU)

2:00pm Keynote Presentation, Roopika Risam (308 BTSU)

About the Keynote Presentation

Roopika Risam examines the recent development of intersectional digital humanities projects that are pushing back against the status quo of knowledge production online and creating space for untold stories and unheard voices in cultural memory. In doing so, she identifies a set of practices that articulate a theory of activist digital humanities.