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2020 WGSS Art and Essay Contest Winners!

Graduate First Place Art


Kim Kuiper

Media and Communication

Graduate Second Place Art


Bernadette Bowen

Media and Communication

Graduate Third Place Art

Jaulus y Fractales (Cages and Fractals)

Melody E. Freeland


Undergraduate First Place Art

The Foundations of Ignorance

Lexi Morris

Graduate First Place Essay   (Tie)

Turning points from victim to survivor: An examination of sexual violence narratives

Madison Pollino

The Seasons of the Witch: How the Symbol of the Witch Has Been Re-Appropriated and Re-Signified in Feminist Activism from the Suffrage Era to Today

Stevie Scheurich

Graduate Second Place Essay

“Virtuous Women”: An Exploration of the Feminist Ideologies in the Social Purity and Free Love Movements of late Nineteenth-Century America

Lena Ziegler

Graduate Third Place Essay (Tie)

Re-claimed and Destabilized: Bryna Turner’s Bull in a China Shop as Queer History

Cody Page

“Justice is Possible, but It is Not Inevitable”: Black Women, Black Masculinity, and the Struggle for Racial Equality in American History

Harry Olafson

Undergraduate First Place Essay

Shouting Out Equality

Paige Lyons

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