Junior Audit

The Junior Audit should be completed during the second semester of your junior year, after you have earned approximately 75 credit hours.


The purpose of the Junior Audit is to verify those graduation requirements the student has already completed as well as those graduation requirements that remain to be completed. It is in the student's best interest to file a Junior Audit well before their senior year. Otherwise, their application for graduation may be rejected because they have overlooked a requirement.


  • Obtain and print the Degree Requirement/Check-sheet that matches your program.
  • Obtain and print your Degree Audit (DARS) report through MyBGSU.
  • Make an appointment with a college advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences office by calling (419) 372-2015.
  • Bring your Junior Audit form and DARS report when you meet with the college advisor to complete your Junior Audit.