Travel Grants For CS Graduate Students


The Graduate College and the Department of Computer Science have provided funding for travel grants for computer science graduate students.  The purpose is to help fund travel that promotes the student's professional development.  Grants are available to help fund the following kinds of activities:

1. participation in workshops, conferences, meetings, or other similar educational experiences; or,
2. participation in a formal course of study as might be sponsored by a professional organization or educational institution.

Grants can pay up to $300 for registration fees, transportation costs (mileage, airfare, etc.), and lodging.

Application Process

The department's Graduate Committee will consider grant applications each year on February 1 and October 1.  Applications are made to the Graduate Coordinator before these dates.  You should provide a brochure or other information describing the event you wish to attend, and should also submit a word processing document containing the following information:

  • your name
  • the name and dates of the event you wish to attend
  • a narrative describing how this event will contribute to your development as a computer science professional
  • a proposed budget, showing the amount that you are requesting and the amount that will be paid from your funds
       or  from other sources.

If appropriate, you may optionally provide a letter of support from a faculty member.

Updated: 07/09/2019 01:00PM