Undergraduate Research

Students at BGSU have a variety of opportunities for Undergraduate Research. Students work with Chemistry faculty on independent research projects.  Many students work in the lab with graduate students as well as the faculty mentor. Students find that their experience doing Undergraduate Research has helped prepare them for graduate school or jobs in chemical companies after they graduate from BGSU.

Find a Mentor:

To find a facutly mentor for Undergraduate Research, visit the faculty webpages for information about their group's research projects and arrange a meeting via email.


Research Fellowships and Opportunities

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 

Students can get Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships through the Chemistry Department for a 10-week PAID summer research experience. These fellowships are given to BGSU Chemistry and Biochemistry majors who have completed Organic Chemistry and will be returning to BGSU after the summer. Priority is given to students in their Junior year. Each year 2 fellowships will be awarded. Students are required to take 1 credit hour of CHEM 4130 during the summer. They will receive a $5000 stipend for the 10-week fellowship.
To apply, first contact a faculty mentor to begin the application.

Applications are due by Friday, March 17, 2017 at 5 PM

ChemSURF Application

Center for Undergraduate Research: (CURS)

The Center for Undergraduate Research at BGSU offers several opportunities for students to do research throughout the school year and during the summer. Students can receive funding for supplies during the Fall and Spring Semester and up to a $2500 stipend for a 10-week paid summer research fellowship.
To apply, contact a faculty mentor listed on the CURS website, or contact Dr. Cordula Mora, the director of CURS.

The deadline for summer research fellowship applications is Friday March 11th, 2016
CURS Application

CHEM 4130 Research for Course Credit

Many students choose to get course credit for completing research projects as part of an Independent Study class (CHEM 4130). Students need to meet with potential faculty mentors to discuss the project. To register for CHEM 4130, students need to obtain a form from the Chemistry Department office and get faculty signatures to be added to the course. This needs to be completed before standard add deadlines each semester.