Scholarships and Awards

The Peggy Hurst Scholarship

The Hurst Scholarships are available to high school graduates enrolling at Bowling Green State University with a major in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Forensic Chemistry. The scholarships are typically awarded at $1,000 per year and may be renewed for four years.

These scholarships recognize over forty years of teaching excellence in the Department of Chemistry by the late Dr. Hurst and her impact on chemistry and other science students at Bowling Green State University. The program has been funded by corporate and private donors to encourage students to pursue careers in chemistry and related fields of science. To be eligible for an award, a completed FAFSA must be on file. Award decisions are based on high school GPA, ACT or SAT score, extracurriculars, and financial need.

Online applications are submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences at

From Paul Simboli (Class of 1981) on Dr. Peggy Hurst:
I thought I would share the following with the Chemistry department at BGSU. I credit Dr. Hurst in my success today as a chemical patent attorney.
In the Summer of 1977 during pre-registration, my parents and I had a small conference with Dr. Hurst, and I informed her, with delight, that I was going to major in Psychology. She gave me a very odd stare, and in a very matter of fact way, told me “I was spinning my wheels.” Frankly, she scared me a lot, and I left BGSU at the end of the pre-registration period thinking thank God I will never take a chemistry class! However, for many reasons, things changed for me and I believe in 1978, I changed my major to Chemistry and decided to “take-on” the infamous Dr. Hurst. My parents thought I was crazy, but supportive and intrigued.
Dr. Hurst taught the 8:00 a.m. chemistry section (CHEM 121 - I still remember), which I eagerly enrolled into. I sat almost right in the front row.For the first few weeks, Dr. Hurst continued to “scare” me but she also inspired me. The first exam she administered, I received the highest grade in the class and I never looked back. I continued to finish the year long chemistry series with Dr. Hurst and received 3 hard fought “A”s. Very few things in my life have had as much meaning as these grades from Dr. Hurst. I will always remember Dr. Hurst with so much affection and appreciation.

The Elliot Blinn Scholarship

Dr. Blinn was a tireless teacher and student advocate in the Chemistry Department at BGSU from 1968 to 1997. Throughout his BGSU career, Dr. Blinn taught general chemistry, honors chemistry and advanced courses in inorganic chemistry. He had an enthusiasm that inspired many undecided students to select careers in chemistry and he provided encouragement to all of his students. Dr. Blinn was also an enthusiastic advocate of undergraduate research; he directed the department's summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and over the years introduced many students to the intellectual stimulation of independent research.

The Elliot Blinn Scholarship is open to chemistry majors who will have completed 60 semester hours by the end of the current semester. A preference is given to rising juniors. Graduating seniors are not eligible. The applicant must exhibit a strong academic record and a strong performance in chemistry courses. Undergraduate research is a plus, but not a requirement. Likewise, academic service is a plus, but not a requirement. Academic service would include activities such as serving as a tutor or mentor for other students.

Online applications are submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences at

The Thomas H. Kinstle Scholarship

Since joining the BGSU faculty in 1971, Dr. Thomas H. Kinstle has made a difference in the lives of science students. Demanding, yet caring, inspirational, and devoted to his students, Dr. Kinstle has helped two generations of BGSU students master such difficult, yet critical, subjects such as organic chemistry. His passion for chemistry and skill in helping students understand difficult concepts has helped launch many BGSU students into successful careers in science, medicine, and education.

In the spirit of Dr. Kinstle's teaching, the intent of the scholarship is to provide assistance to deserving individuals majoring in chemistry or biochemistry based on academic performance and financial need. Thus, it will not only be a perpetual tribute to a great teacher, but will help science students complete their bachelor's degree and go on to careers in science, medicine, and education.

Selection criteria: Must demonstrate high academic achievement. Financial need as evidenced by the FAFSA and/or in accordance with guidelines established by the Office of Student Financial Aid is also required.

Online applications are submitted to the College of Arts and Sciences at

Academic Investment in Mathematics and Science (AIMS)

The AIMS Program mission is to encourage minority students and women to graduate with majors in STEM related fields. Please see the AIMS program website for more information and how to apply.

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