Margaret Zoller Booth

photo of margaret booth

Position: Professor of Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy
Phone: 419-372-7710

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Ohio University, 1991

CFDR Primary Research Area: Social Relationships and Well-Being

Dr. Booth’s research addresses the nature of cognitive development within socio-cultural contexts, including the investigation of the relationship between the home environment and school achievement. She has particular expertise with African children and adolescent development. Previous work has looked at the effects of migrant labor on schooling and learning in Swaziland, including the effects of parental absences on children’s school achievement.

Recent Publications:

Booth, M.Z., Abercrombie, S., & Frey, C.J., (2017). Contradictions of adolescent self-construal: Examining the interaction of ethnic identity, self-efficacy and academic achievement.  Mid-western Educational Researcher, 29 (1), 3 - 19

Gerard, J. M., & Booth, M. Z. (2015). Family and school influences on adolescents’ maladjustment: The moderating role of youth hopefulness and aspirations for the future. Journal of Adolescence, 44, 1-16.

Booth, M.Z., Curran, E., Frey, C.J., Gerard, J., Collet, B., and Bartimole, J. (2014).  Ethnicity, gender, and adolescent attitude toward school: Adaptive perspectives in transitional times. Mid-western Educational Researcher, 26 (2), 3-27.

Booth, M. Z. & Gerard, J. M. (2012). Adolescents’ stage-environment fit in middle and high school: The relationship between students’ perceptions of their schools and themselves. Youth and Society.

Booth, M.Z. & Gerard, J. (2011). "Self-esteem and academic achievement: A comparative study of adolescents in British and American schools." Compare, 41(5): 629-648.

Booth, M.Z. (2011). "This they believe: Young adolescents voice their opinions about school." Middle School Journal, 42(3): 16-23.

Nieto, C. & Booth, M.Z. (2010). "Cultural Competence: Its influence on the teaching and learning of international students." Journal of Studies in International Education, 14(4): 406-425.

Booth, M.Z. & Sheehan, H. (2008). "Perceptions of people and place: Young adolescents’ interpretation of their schools in the US and UK." Journal of Adolescent Research. 23(6): 722-744.