Ronny Woodruff

Dr. Ron C. Woodruff

Ph. D., Utah State University   

Office:     429C Life Sciences Building
Phone:   1-419-372-0376

Research: Genetics, evolution, mutations 

Curriculum Vitae


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Research Interests:

The role of mutations in evolution.

Selected Publications:

Woodruff, R.C. and Michael A. Balinski. 2018. Increase in viability due to the accumulation of X chromosome mutations in Drosophila melanogaster males

Balinski, Michael Allen and R. C. Woodruff. 2017. Differential sexual survival of Drosophila melanogaster on copper sulfate

Woodruff, R. C., Michael A. Balinski and Juan L. Bouzat. 2015. A perspective on the evolution of germ-cell development and germinal mosaics of deleterious mutations. Genetica, DOI 10.1007/s10709-015-9854-1, 143:563-569.

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