Pershing Rifles Company I-1

The National Society of Pershing Rifles is a drill team organization for college level students.  The organization was founded in 1894 by John J. Pershing while at the University of Nebraska.  The organization is one of the oldest officially recognized fraternal organizations in the Armed Forces. 

The Pershing Rifles is the only organization that has the prestigious honor to fire the cannon at all the home football games at Bowling Green State University.  This time honored tradition is a hit for all supporters of Bowling Green Football.  The Pershing Rifles also represents Bowling Green State University by participating in many color guard events.  The organization presents the nation's colors in a display of disciplined movements and commands.  All these ceremonies and events bring pride and honor to this nation and Bowling Green State University. 

Each year the organization represents BGSU by participating at the national Society of Pershing Rifles national Convention and Drill Competition (NATCON). Over 47 universities compete in various categories of regulation drill (like proficiency at performing a color guard) and various exhibition drills like trick drills that involve spinning or throwing the rifles.  Bowling Green State University is the home to the 2006 Exhibition Drill Soloist National Champion.  Pershing Rifles members have also honored the organization and BGSU by winning the 2008 National Champion Exhibition Drill Duet.  Active membership is open to college students enrolled at a University that hosts a Pershing Rifles company.  Members may be either male or female, and while a majority has affiliation with the military, it is not a prerequisite for membership.

Most recently, the current team competed at PR's National Competition that occurred in March 2022, in which they won 2nd place in the Armed Squad Exhibition and 1st place in the Duet.

Updated: 10/24/2022 12:40PM