Graduate Admissions 2022

Welcome new BGSU graduate students! 

Bowling Green State University's Graduate Student Orientation is thoughtfully designed to help new graduate students become familiar with campus resources, fostering community engagement and setting the stage for your academic success.

Orientation offers valuable initial professional development opportunities to ensure students comply with institutional policies and embark on a fulfilling academic journey. We strongly encourage all new graduate students to take advantage of this program and actively participate in the orientation experience.

Graduate Student Orientation Week

Aug. 19 - 24, 2024

Join us for Graduate Student Orientation Week, a dedicated time where you will engage in informative sessions and discover the various department programs and onboarding processes tailored for graduate assistants. Depending on your program, these sessions will be conveniently offered either virtually or on-campus. 

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Deadline to register is Aug. 14, 2024.

Before Orientation Week 

Mandatory Online Trainings

An email notification will be sent to you once you have been enrolled in essential online trainings covering topics such as anti-hazing, discrimination and sexual misconduct, inclusivity and academic integrity. These trainings can be accessed through your MyBGSU account. Please complete these trainings by the start of the term.

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Specialized Graduate Student Orientation Experiences

Beyond Orientation Week

We'll keep you connected and on track

At BGSU, we take pride in staying connected with our graduate students. Each week the Graduate College will send you an e-newsletter with important deadlines, action items, opportunities for professional development, and ways to connect with other graduate students. Watch for messages from The Office of the Graduate Dean in your inbox!

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