Enrollment Network

The Enrollment Network is a University-wide team that provides a forum for sharing resources and offering feedback and guidance, nurturing the University's enrollment management culture.

The Enrollment Network started in 1997 as a strategic recruitment plan developed in conjunction with the Office of Admissions and the original, key University stakeholders.  Began as a working team to facilitate communication and networking, the Network has offered opportunities for sharing ideas, successes, and special challenges.  Today, the most important goal of the Network is to help the University maintain an active, action-based approach to enrollment management as we recruit, yield, and retain students.

Enrollment Reports

The following reports provide academic metrics of applicants and admits. UAS access is required.  

Admission Resources

The Office of Admissions encourages Enrollment Network members working with prospective students to utilize the following resources.

Slate & UAS Support

Members in need of Slate or UAS support can contact the following Office of Admissions representative:

Dustin Sabo

Updated: 10/10/2023 11:59AM