Falcon Express

What is Falcon Express? 

Falcon Express is a program for students from Owens Community College who want to transfer to BGSU. It is designed to make the transition to BGSU as smooth and transparent as possible.

Benefits of Falcon Express 

  • Free application to BGSU
  • Streamlined application process. When you request your transcripts, BGSU typically receives them in just one or two business days.
  • Regular transfer evaluations. You can ask for evaluations each academic semester to keep you informed of your academic progress and to see how your community college classes will transfer to BG and meet degree requirements. 
  • Support and guidance from BGSU transfer specialists

How to sign up for Falcon Express

If your long-term plan is to transfer to BGSU after a year or two at community college, indicate your interest in Falcon Express on your community college application. After the start of your first term, you can contact a BGSU transfer specialist (link to meet the team page) to request that information about your coursework and transfer credits be sent to BGSU for evaluation.

It’s not too late to participate in the Falcon Express program! Contact the advising office at Owens. They can help you submit the paperwork and sign up.

You ARE NOT eligible for Falcon Express if you are a former BGSU student who was enrolled in a degree program at BGSU. This includes transient students – students who took summer classes or were guest students.

You ARE eligible for Falcon Express if you were enrolled at BGSU in one of these non-degree seeking programs: 

  • College Credit Plus
  • High school dual enrollment
  • Post-secondary enrollment options 

When you’re ready to transfer to BGSU

  1. Submit your BGSU application as a transfer student. We’ll waive the application fee! 
  2. Submit transcripts. Owens will send your transcripts to BGSU upon request. If you've attended other institutions – even if you never finished there or don’t intend to apply those credits to a BGSU degree program – request that official copies of those transcripts be sent to BGSU as well. 
  3. Work with a BGSU transfer specialist to ensure a smooth transition. They can help navigate the transfer process and answer questions. 

How to apply to BGSU

Transfer admission requirements

  • A minimum 2.0 cumulative college GPA based on all college work completed at all institutions if you have earned 24+ semester hours of college-level credit
  • A minimum 2.0 cumulative college GPA based on all college work and a minimum 2.5 final high school GPA if you have earned fewer than 24 semester hours of college-level credit

Yes, you can! Work with your Owens Community College advisor to fill out the necessary paperwork to be considered for the Falcon Express program as a current student instead of as a new applicant.

Updated: 04/08/2024 10:52AM