E-Content Course Accessibility

E-content Choices and Accessibility

All content interfaces to be used by BGSU are required to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended, section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act as well as the Ohio IT policy.  This list provides guidelines for you to ensure the products that you are considering for your courses are accessible to persons with a wide range of disabilities.

Full Accessibility Guidelines are available at the bottom of every major BGSU webpage.

A brief checklist of issues to ask your salesperson or vendor BEFORE agreeing to use the product:

1. Do you have and can you provide an accessibility table explaining how each requirement is fully met, partially met or not met.

a. If the course is 100% online, every one of the requirements must be fully met as we cannot assist in accommodating this shortcoming.

b. If the course is on campus, we can assist with accommodating some of the shortcomings with the faculty – this depends on the student, shortcomings of the technology, faculty interaction and timing.

2. Are videos or audio clips in the product?

a. Yes or no, are the videos captioned?

b. Open captioned or closed captioned?

c. Do the videos have audio description where information is presented visually?

3. Are exams or quizzes in the product?

a. Can the timer be set to different times for individual students?

b. Demonstrate or provide the detailed instructions to do this.

c. If no, faculty members will need to recreate the exam directly inside of canvas to provide access to the students needing extra time on exams.

Updated: 04/30/2020 11:31AM