Exam Practices and Procedures


BGSU'S practice of providing reasonable accommodation to the testing process is intentionally flexible, in order to afford equal access and consistency to students with disabilities. It's understood that the practice is designed to level the playing field, while maintaining academic integrity and standards.

To be eligible for test accommodations, students are required to provide documentation of their disability which provides a clear indication/recommendation of the need for the requested accommodation, to the Office of Accessibility Services. Every effort should be made to provide documentation that is recent and age-appropriate. Staff from the office will work with the student to reach agreement/consensus on the type of accommodation, and the student will communicate the information to the respective faculty member. The student's documentation will be the primary determiner of the accommodations that are ultimately implemented.

Test-taking accommodations may include:

  • Extended time for exams and quizzes
  • Testing environment with limited distractions
  • Exams in audio format or read aloud
  • Scribe for exams
  • Use of a computer for exams

If an accommodation memo is provided to a faculty member, those accommodations have been approved as necessary for that student. Providing accommodations to students with disabilities is a campus wide responsibility. If you have a specific concern with an accommodation that has been approved, please contact us for advisement.

BG Campus – Faculty or their department staff are expected to and typically provide the exam accommodations. If a student is eligible for exam accommodations that faculty are unable to provide, occasional arrangements may be made with the Office of Accessibility Services for BG Campus students. Faculty will need to make these arrangements with sufficient notice by calling a staff member.

Firelands Campus – Exam proctoring arrangements can be made with faculty, department staff or the Teaching and Learning Center (the Firelands campus-wide test center).

Updated: 08/25/2020 04:42PM