Exam Information

BG Campus

Faculty or their department staff are expected to and typically provide exam accommodations. If a student is eligible for extensive exam accommodations (ex. reader, scribe) that faculty are unable to provide, occasional arrangements may be made with the Office of Accessibility Services for BG Campus students. Faculty will need to make these arrangements with sufficient notice by calling the staff member listed on the student's accommodation memo.

NEW BG Campus Exam Proctoring Option

University Libraries and The Learning Commons are piloting a Testing Center on the first floor of the William T. Jerome Library. The Testing Center will provide a proctored space serving students with documented learning accommodations, specifically students needing extended time and/or a location with limited distractions to take exams. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Students that are directed by faculty to utilize the Testing Center should arrange an appointment for their exam to be proctored. Faculty should encourage students to utilize this service if they do not have alternate arrangements for proctoring. All tests must be arranged by appointment, and appointments must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. Students can do this through the Testing Center webpage. Scheduling questions may be directed to testcenter@bgsu.edu.

Firelands Campus

Exam proctoring arrangements can be made with faculty, department staff or the Teaching and Learning Center (the Firelands campus-wide test center).


  • Share your accommodation memo with your professors. If you need another copy of your memo, please contact our office, and we can email it to you for forwarding electronically to your professors.
  • Talk with your professors about a week before exams to make exam arrangements with them.
  • If you are approved for extra test time for an online exam, please request that your professor extend the timer.
  • If you are approved for exams in audio format for an online exam, please download the FREE reading software Natural Reader. This will enable your exam to be read aloud by your computer. 


  • Please review accommodation memos received from students. Any questions related to how these accommodations will be delivered can be sent to the Office of Accessibility Services at access@bgsu.edu.
  • For online assessments, you will need to utilize the Canvas accessibility tools to proctor your exams; and, if audio format is needed, LockDown browser cannot be used as it does not allow the reading software to open.

Providing Accommodations for Online Exams:

  1. Extra test time – In Canvas, professors extend the timer for students with disabilities who have this approved accommodation. If professors need assistance with extending the timer for a particular student, they can contact the Center for Faculty Excellence at 419-372-6898.
  2. Exams in audio format or read aloud – If a student is eligible for this accommodation, professors need to ensure that the exam posted on Canvas does not have LockDown Browser in use. LockDown conflicts with the online reading software that students utilize for online exams.

Updated: 09/29/2022 09:22AM