People of PPEL

Core Faculty


Kevin Vallier

Position: Program Director & Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7221
Address: 310 Shatzel Hall

Kevin Vallier is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University and Director of BGSU’s Program in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL). He has published over two dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. He is the author of Liberal Politics and Public Faith: Beyond Separation (Routledge, 2014). His second book, Must Politics Be War? In Defense of Public Reason Liberalism will be published by Oxford University Press in 2017.


Michael Weber

Position: Chair of the Philosophy Department & Associate Professor
Phone: (419) 372-7209
Address: 307 Shatzel Hall

Michael Weber is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University and Chair of the Department of Philosophy. His research focuses on rational choice theory, the role of emotions in ethics, and egalitarian theory. He is the co-editor of two forthcoming anthologies, Paternalism: Theory and Practice and Political Utopias: Promise or Peril?

Affiliated Graduate Students

Sam Schmitt

Sam Schmitt

Phone: (419) 372-6878
Address: 336 Shatzel Hall


Sam received his B.A. in Political Science from Bowling Green State University. He is interested in political philosophy generally, but especially the interdisciplinary area of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Sam is also interested in citizenship, and the intersection of political and religious belief.


Ian Irwin

Phone: (419) 372-2110
Address: 330 Shatzel Hall


Ian studied philosophy and economics at Pepperdine University before arriving at BGSU.  His main philosophical interests include accounts of political legitimacy and the justification of coercion.  In his spare time, Ian does audio engineering and plays video games.