Degree Plans

Students should work with their Academic and Career Planning Specialist to assist in mapping out classes semester-by-semester, as well as setting academic, personal, and professional goals. This will help to ensure on-time degree completion. In most cases, and unless approved by an Academic and Career Planning Specialist, students should enroll in at least 15 hours per semester.  

In addition, students are expected to use their Degree Audit (DARS) to develop a plan and review their progress towards graduation with their Academic and Career Planning Specialist or Faculty Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every major has a checksheet that outlines individual program requirements. You can access your major checksheet by following this link to the BGSU Catalog, selecting the type of program in which you are enrolled, and using the A-Z menu to find your major program.

DARS is a system that allows students to access current information about their academic record. DARS will show all of a student’s completed coursework and which requirements the courses fulfill, as well as the remaining requirements a student must complete to earn a degree.

To access your DARS report:

  1. Log into MyBGSU
  2. Select “Students” from the top menu
  3. Under “Academics” on the left menu bar, select “Degree Audit”
  4. Select the desired degree program from the dropdown menu and select the “Submit a New Audit” button

Each semester, students should review their DARS report. The report is a computer-generated document that checks various graduation requirements. DARS reviews all BG Perspective, college degree, and university-wide requirements. Requirements are encoded for most majors and some minors. 

Go to the college office within which the major is assigned and complete a “Change in Major/Minor” form with a photo ID.  For a listing of college departments and programs, please click this link.

Contact the college office of your intended major to complete the College Transfer form. For a listing of college departments and programs, please click this link

This involves the completion of two undergraduate degrees from two different colleges, when two majors are desired but cannot be obtained from a single college. You must secure:

  1. The permission of the Deans of both colleges before the end of your junior year;
  2. Meet with an advisor in both college offices, complete the degree requirements of both collegiate degrees;
  3. Earn a minimum of 20 hours beyond the 122 hours required for one degree.

If you earn dual degrees, you will need a major in each, but you will not need a minor. Courses used from a major in your second college may not be used for a major in the original college.

Updated: 09/28/2021 12:36PM