Scope of Services

Student Legal Services, Inc. may assist you in the following topical areas:

  • Landlord-tenant matters
    Disputes involving repairs actions, evictions, late security deposit refunds, unfair damage assessments, lease review, etc.
  • Contract and Consumer Matters
    Credit problems, defective products, warranty questions, etc.
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
    Shoplifting, criminal damaging, disorderly conduct, fake ID's, expungement of criminal records, etc.
  • Traffic cases
    Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs(DUI), speeding, red light violations, stop sign violations,etc.
  • Family and Domestic Relations Matters
    Simple wills, simple dissolutions, name changes, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Matters
    Review of employment contracts, notary service, etc.

If your particular legal problem is determined to fall outside Student Legal Services schedule of benefits, you will be referred for legal assistance to the appropriate county bar association's attorney referral service, private attorneys, or other appropriate sources. If you are not sure whether you particular case may be covered, call us!

Updated: 07/09/2019 02:12PM