Export Control Compliance

Export Controls

Federal export control regulations determine which materials, technologies, scientific equipment, software, and sensitive information can be transferred to certain identified countries, and/or be accessed by citizens of those countries as they work in, or visit, our university.  Certain foreign students, post-docs, faculty, visiting scientists or training fellows can therefore be affected by these restrictions.

Compliance with export control regulations requires appropriate oversight over the transfer and access of controlled items to foreign nationals, visits made by BGSU personnel to identified countries, and the screening of foreign nationals entering the university who might have access to such items.  It can also inform which research, academic and business partners we may engage with, and the extent to which we must avoid partnership with restricted entities. 

The links to the left of this page provide descriptions of the federal export control regulations, important definitions, and FAQ's.  


Who to contact?

Director, Sponsored Programs and Research

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Need Help?

Do not hesitate to seek guidance on an export control matter. Please contact OSPR for assistance

Updated: 02/23/2024 01:30PM