Independent Contractor Agreements are required for all individual contractors performing services at or for BGSU.   

• For professional service providers paid by BGSU, use the Independent Contractor Agreement form.
• For professional service providers at zero dollars, use the Independent Contractor Agreement form.
• Speakers at zero dollars do not require a contract and should be documented using the Volunteers @ BGSU process on the       Risk Management website.


Please follow the steps below when hiring an independent contractor at BGSU:

Step #1: Department completes and executes the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) to be attached to the                                               HR Determination Form in step # 2.  Click here for ICA instructions

Please note: both your department signatory and the Independent Contractor must sign the ICA before it is submitted.

Step #2: Department completes the HR Independent Contractor Determination Form  and attaches the signed                                       Independent Contractor Agreement for approval from Human Resources, Purchasing and the Controller's Office. 

Step#3: Purchasing sends all additional vendor forms to the Independent Contractor, centrally and securely stores all                               completed forms and finalizes the vendor-set up process, then notifies the department.  

Step#4: Department processes Payment Request in Falcons Purch to pay Independent Contractor.

*per University policy # 3341-1-7


Vendor - Goods and Services 

Please work closely with your Purchasing Department Contact for all Goods and Services Agreements.

Purchasing Phone - 419-372-8411

Secure Fax - 419-372-7125


Payment of Business Expenses

Business travel paid by P-Card

Pay for ordinary and necessary business expenses such as lodging, airfare or transportation costs with a P-Card so long as the P-Card rules do not prohibit the transaction.

If an honorarium is involved – any payment in exchange for services

Use the independent contractor process noted above.

Just mileage being paid – essentially dealing with a bona-fide volunteer

Use the volunteer process noted above.