Contracting Procedures and Forms

PaymentWorks is a tool that manages supplier information. The PaymentWorks portal creates efficiencies in the process of obtaining business details and payment information from vendors. In turn, vendors can submit and update their business information as necessary, as well as inquire about payments.

PaymentWorks also puts in place a system that allows secure transfer of sensitive data, such as social security numbers and bank information. Given this, paper forms will no longer be accepted and all vendors and independent contractors must go through the PaymentWorks portal.

PaymentWorks Portal


Independent Contractor Agreement

Please Follow the Steps Below When Hiring an Independent Contractor at BGSU:

Step #1: Department completes and sends the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) and Attachment A to the independent Contractor.  You can use either the ICA template that has the Attachment A included or if you already have an Attachment A completed, use the ICA without Attachment A.

Step #2: Department will log into PaymentWorks and send an invitation to the Independent Contractor to register in PaymentWorks, attaching the fully executed ICA with attachment A to the invitation before submitting.

Step #3: Independent Contractor completes the registration and attaches the signed OPERS form in PaymentWorks. PaymentWorks will route the registration to Human Resources, the Controller's Office and Purchasing for approval.

Step #4: Department processes Payment Request in Falcons Purch to pay Independent Contractor.

*per University policy # 3341-1-7


Independent Contractor Agreements are required for all individual contractors performing services at or for BGSU.   
  • For professional service providers paid by BGSU, use the Independent Contractor Agreement form.
  • For professional service providers at zero dollars, use the Independent Contractor Agreement form.
  • For speakers paid by BGSU, use the Independent Contractor Agreement form. The insurance requirements section can be waived for speakers
  • Speakers at zero dollars do not require a contract and should be documented using the Volunteers @ BGSU process on the Risk Management website.


Payment of Business Expenses

Business travel paid by P-Card

Pay for ordinary and necessary business expenses such as lodging, airfare or transportation costs with a P-Card so long as the P-Card rules do not prohibit the transaction.

If an honorarium is involved – any payment in exchange for services

Use the independent contractor process noted above.

Just mileage being paid – essentially dealing with a bona-fide volunteer

Use the volunteer process noted above.

Updated: 09/08/2022 09:35AM