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BGSU alumna Nicole Lovince, far right, stars in her first horror film "KillHer."

BGSU alumna Nicole Lovince stars in her first horror film, calling it the ‘perfect Halloween flick’

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Lovince '09 is a main character in “KillHer,” an energetic and suspenseful thriller that premiered Oct. 20

A Bowling Green State University alumna living her dream of working as an actress in Los Angeles recently starred in her first horror film, which premiered just in time for Halloween.

Nicole Lovince ‘09 plays Rae, one of the main characters in “KillHer,” an energetic and suspenseful thriller about four best friends spending a weekend in the woods planning their friend’s upcoming wedding when things go awry.

A movie poster depicting a horror film called "KillHer"
BGSU alumna Nicole Lovince said "KillHer" was among her most unique experiences as an actress.

“The movie is fun and suspenseful,” Lovince said. “It has modern horror, cult-classic energy. You’ll laugh, but it’ll make you jump, too. It’s a perfect Halloween flick.”

Lovince graduated from BGSU in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in film production and a minor in broadcasting and has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry since starring as Kori in “Pitch Perfect.”

Despite being thousands of miles from her alma mater, Lovince said her admiration for the education, experience and opportunities she received at BGSU is always top of mind.

“I always talk about BGSU,” she said. “I’m extremely proud to be a Falcon. To have that microcosm at BG to create, grow and learn was my foundation. Choosing BGSU was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

As a student, Lovince fondly remembers an alumnus coming to campus to share his experience of touring on Broadway, reaffirming that success in the entertainment industry is attainable.

“I remember being so inspired and saying, ‘That’s going to be me,’” she said. “I’m going to come back here one day and share my knowledge with students.”

Lovince returned to BGSU in 2018 to do just that and would like to do so again someday.

Lovince has credits in about 20 films but said “KillHer” was among her most unique experiences as an actress. The movie was filmed over 12 days during the second wave of the pandemic in Fall 2021.

The movie’s cast and crew stayed on set at a youth summer camp in Big Bear Lake, California, to reduce the potential of anyone contracting coronavirus and causing a delay in production.

“We were in a bubble,” Lovince said. “It was like being at summer camp, except we were making a movie.”

The cast and crew worked 12 to 14 hours most days throughout the nearly two-week shoot, but Lovince said it was made easier by the collaborative and friendly atmosphere on set.

“The cast and crew really gelled on set. It’s really rare when you come together and it feels like more than just work,” she said. “From the moment we started, the producers, director and writer said, ‘This is not our film, this is everyone’s film.’ We all got to lend our gifts and talents. It was very collaborative.”

“KillHer," also starring M.C. Huff as Eddie, Emily Hall as Jess, Jenna Z. Alvarez as Mattie and Tom Kiesche as Mr. Rogers, is available in select theaters nationwide and on several streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play and YouTube.  

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