From Huron to Bowling Green: Mother, daughters boost career opportunities with BGSU experience

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University opportunities drive multi-generational family successes

By Patrick Pfanner ‘14

The multi-generational journey of a single family through Bowling Green State University highlights a dedication to shaping brighter futures for its students, one person at a time.

Cindy Krul ‘14, mother to Leah Krul ‘21 and Halina Krul ‘23, started at BGSU in 2010 to pursue applied engineering. Despite juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and a full-time job, Cindy found her stride in the University’s online applied engineering and technology program. After graduation, she embarked on a prosperous career as a packaging engineer.

“I was not the typical student when I went to BGSU: I was a full-time working parent in my early 40s who wanted to change careers,” Cindy said. “I researched many college programs at that time to find something that would work around my life schedule, as well as give me the best program to begin a new career in engineering.”

Cindy lauded the opportunity to build upon past college experience to develop new skills as she maintained her family life.

“BGSU offered the best fit for me by allowing me to take a few classes at a time around my work and family schedule,” Cindy said. “Being able to do all my courses online gave me the flexibility I needed as a working parent.”

Cindy’s experience catapulted her career and helped to inspire her children to make their own paths through BGSU.

“After I finished my degree, I was hired by a big automobile manufacturer for the role of container management/process engineer,” Cindy said. “This role revolved around manufacturing application processes and project management using the skills I developed through my degree. After several years I transitioned to another major manufacturing company where I now focus solely on packaging engineering.”

Following in her mother's footsteps, Leah Krul enrolled at the University through BGSU Firelands in Huron, Ohio, in the College Credit Plus program. Leah transitioned to the Bowling Green campus after high school graduation. Despite facing scheduling and time management challenges, Leah's determination and collaboration with professors ensured her timely graduation.

“I went into College Credit Plus both to get a head start on my college courses and to challenge myself,” Leah said. “I decided to continue my education at the Bowling Green campus after high school because I really enjoyed the environment and opportunities provided to me at the Firelands campus.”

From left: Leah Krul, Halina Krul and Cindy Krul attend a BGSU football game.
From left: Leah Krul, Halina Krul and Cindy Krul attend a BGSU football game.
From left: Leah Krul, Halina Krul and Cindy Krul.
From left: Leah Krul, Halina Krul and Cindy Krul.

Leah’s degree in mechatronics engineering technology opened doors for her career.

“I currently work as an automation engineer at an aerospace company,” Leah said. “My courses gave me the foundation I needed for this position. I learned the basics in robotics and PLCs (computers that direct machinery), and as an automation engineer, I work with my plant's robots daily and with numerous PLCs when necessary. I also had robotic exposure in my last co-op at the Toledo Jeep Assembly Plant. Something that also helped was how my professors taught us to set up a successful resume, as I was approached by a recruiting company for this position based on the resume I uploaded to LinkedIn.”

The Krul family’s presence at BGSU expanded with Halina Krul. Halina began her BGSU journey at BGSU Firelands, from 2018-2020, before transitioning to the Bowling Green campus.

“I chose to attend BGSU Firelands to jumpstart my college career with the College Credit Plus program,” Halina said. “I loved the atmosphere at Firelands. It felt safe to discover who I wanted to be.”

Halina graduated with a degree in environmental science with a specialization in restoration. She is currently working as an environmental scientist for a global manufacturing company while pursuing a Masters of Business Administration of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability.

“After some soul searching, I decided the best way I could make a difference was working with the environment,” she said. "It was my positive BGSU experience that encouraged me to continue my schooling and take the next step in my career."

Halina's journey was not without its trials, particularly navigating the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, she persevered, adapting to online learning and forging lifelong connections.

“BGSU has enriched my life in all aspects - professionally, socially and personally,” Halina said. “BGSU helped me reach my real-world goals. My professors and advisor, the self-discovery, the friends and the memories that I made all helped shape where and who I am today.”

As Falcons through and through, the Krul family exemplifies the University's legacy of nurturing academic excellence and fostering familial ties. Together, they continue to soar to new heights, leaving a legacy of success within their own family and the BGSU community.

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