Watch: The music plays on for BG Philharmonia

BG Philharmonia stages live performances safely during pandemic

The BG Philharmonia is the premiere orchestral ensemble at Bowling Green State University. In 2018, it celebrated its 100th anniversary within the College of Musical Arts. This year, BG Philharmonia director Emily Freeman Brown, wanted to continue to allow practices and performances but wanted to do so safely due to COVID-19. The orchestra consists of string players only, and rehearsals take place in two separate rooms. Half of the orchestra meets in one room where Brown conducts in person, while the other meets simultaneously in a separate rehearsal room while watching her on a screen via Zoom.

The BG Philharmonia is practicing for an upcoming concert on April 18 that will be livestreamed on the College of Musical Arts YouTube channel

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Updated: 04/01/2021 11:07AM