Behind the lens: Winter Wonderland

Photos capture the beauty of the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle to celebrate the start of the spring semester

A Falcon’s eye view of University Hall lit up in BGSU orange.

A look out at the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle from the third floor of University Hall.

Students enjoy train rides around campus.

Train rides are limited to 9 people at a time to provide a safe and fun activity for students.

Students enjoy making their own winter-themed stuffed animal to take home for a keepsake.

Students enjoy hot chocolate sitting by the fire.

Warming up!

Freddie enjoys some time by the fire with a student.

Freddie and Frieda visit students staying warm by the fire.

Freddie and Frieda enjoy spending time at Winter Wonderland with students.

University Hall and the trees in the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle all lit up in BGSU orange.

The beauty of University Hall makes the perfect backdrop for students enjoying Winter Wonderland.

Students and Freddie slip, glide and slide on a synthetic ice rink located in the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle.

A limited number of students are permitted on this synthetic ice rink for a safe and physically distanced activity.

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Updated: 01/14/2021 01:16PM