BGSU Pathway Program paves the way for prospective students


Program allows future students, who may not meet usual admissions criteria, opportunity to attend BGSU

By Meredith Troxel ‘20

Bowling Green State University’s Pathway Program provides a unique opportunity for students to access a BGSU education. The one-year program, supported by the Firelands College, enrolls students in foundational courses in math, writing, science, history, English literature, and university success.

Students in the program, who are selected based on their academic profile at the time of applying, have a residential experience on the Bowling Green campus. After their year in the program, students transition to another academic college on the Bowling Green campus to continue studies in their declared major.

Junior physical and health education major Noah Prunty was excited for new opportunities that the Pathway Program gave him access to and allowed him to have an easier transition into college.

Prunty, from Clyde, Ohio, enjoyed the program’s smaller class sizes that gave him the ability to get to know his professors and feel more comfortable asking for help.

“They were always willing to stay a few extra minutes before and after class to help you understand the material. They didn’t rush you to get anything done. They understood all the students,” said Prunty.

His advisor was also a great help transitioning in and out of the program. Prunty felt at ease that his advisor was guidance for class work or a resource when scheduling classes for the next semester. Advisors were kind and willing to help students, always being available when a student needed classwork help or just a conversation.

Prunty was able to get involved and meet friends outside of his program by living in a residence hall and befriending other students on his floor. He was also able to find student organization opportunities by attending Campus Fest, an annual event highlighting activities and organizations on campus. Like any other BGSU student, Pathway students have access to all student resources and the ability to join BGSU’s student organizations.

Prunty noted his experience in the Pathway Program solidified he was part of the University and Bowling Green campus community.

“I was taking the same classes everyone else was. I never felt like an odd one out. I enjoyed every moment in the program,” said Prunty.

During his time in the program, he learned time management skills for getting classwork finished, as he adjusted to the rigor and speed of a college course. He was able to learn more skills than what he previously knew in high school and understood that his new skills would help after the program.

Prunty advises current and future Pathway students to enjoy every minute of the year-long program and to not be afraid to make friends.

“College only comes around once.” said Prunty, “Don’t be afraid to take a risk. It’s okay to put yourself out there. Make these next four years of your life the best years.”

Updated: 06/19/2020 02:43PM