Faculty climb academic ladder with tenure, promotion

The BGSU Board of Trustees acknowledged and celebrated the accomplishments of faculty from a number of colleges and the University Libraries May 6 with the granting of promotions and for some, tenure.

Promotion to full professor
  • Heather Elliott-Famularo, art
  • Dr. Sandra Faulkner, media and communication
  • Dr. Andrew Hershberger, art
  • Dr. Sung-Yeon Park, media and communication
  • Dr. Michael Weber, philosophy
  • Kevin Schempf, music performance studies
  • Dr. Mary Murray, intervention services
  • Dr. Dawn Shinew, teaching and learning
  • Dr. Dafina-Lazarus Stewart, higher education and student affairs
  • Dr. Maureen Wilson, higher education and student affairs
  • Dr. Michael Kimaid, natural and social sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Cynthia Miglietti, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Philip Weinsier, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands

Eileen Kuan-Veng Bosch, library teaching and learning

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Russell Mills, political science
  • Dr. Kevin Vallier, philosophy
  • Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, marketing
  • Dr. Katherine Meizel, musicology/composition/theory
  • Dr. Elizabeth Menard, music education
  • Dr. Arne Spohr, musicology/composition/theory
  • Dr. Fei Gao, visual communication and technology education
  • Dr. Jonathan Bostic, teaching and learning
  • Dr. Angela Thomas, teaching and learning
  • Dr. Brooks Vostal, intervention services
  • Dr. Theodore Bach, humanities, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Sue Ellen McComas, humanities, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Raymond Schuck, humanities, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Stephanie Walls, natural and social sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Elizabeth Hertenstein, collections and technical services, University Libraries
Promotion to Senior Lecturer
  • Ruthy Light, art
  • Catherine Smith, engineering technologies
  • Martin Anderson, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Rachelle Hippler, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • William Huepenbecker, natural and social sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Alyson Wilson, natural and social sciences, BGSU Firelands
Promotion to Lecturer
  • Spintz Harrison, cultural and critical studies
  • Amy Wagner, natural and social sciences, BGSU Firelands
  • Dr. Margaret Adams, human services
  • Staci Freeworth, public and allied health
  • Laura Schrock, communication sciences and disorders


Updated: 12/02/2017 12:33AM